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Questions About What to Take


Should I still take a multi vitamin now that I'm taking a full dose of Superfood in the morning?

Should I continue to take my 10 grams of generic fish oil even though I'm taking a full serving (4 caps) of Flameout throughout the day, one at each whole food meal. I've read where Coach Thibs is taking 4 at each meal!

Do I still supplement with BCAA's pre & post if I'm using Fuel & Recovery? I heard it may be pointless b/c of the amount already in the Fuel/Recovery. FYI, I will still use BCAA's in the morning before and after my 5am cardio sessions.

Do I need to avoid using L-Leucine in my morning and evening shakes? The shakes contain protein powder that already contains L-Leucine? Should I stick to using it at my four other whole food meals (9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm). The 6am meal is a whey shake and the 9am meal is a casein shake.

Do I need to take 3 Receptormax caps pre workout if I'm taking 3 spread throughout the day? It cuts the $47 dollar bottle in half down to a 2 weeks supply.

Thanks in advance for your advice/help.

Also forgot to ask. I'm doing a body recomposition. I'm 180lbs, body fat in the low teens, searching for single digits, but ALL my BF is in the gut. I realize this means I'm having trouble with insulin sensitivity. What other products besides Flameout & Receptormax help with this? Should I add HOT-ROX and 11-T?

Diet is very clean, 20g protein at each meal, only carbs before noon in the form of fruit/veggies & pre/post workout from Fuel/Recovery. Fats come from almonds/natural pb in the evening. Looking to maintain scale weight and reduce body fat.

Current totals are 2,000 cals/day;
Protein = 190g
Carbs = 130g
Fats = 50g
Fiber = 30g


First off, it's important to realize that these are supplements and you don't technically "need" any of them.

With that said, I'd experiment with the multi, extra fish oil, and BCAA separately over 6 week periods with and without each to determine if you can detect a difference.

Personally, I've dropped multis a long time ago and feel better for it. I'll occasionally use extra Flameout, but no longer go crazy with "cheaper" fish oil as I couldn't see an added benefit. And, I save BCAA for times when I'm on the go and for whatever reason am not able to consume protein.

As for Leucine, I continue to use it with meals as recommended. Whether you use it with shakes should depend on the quantity of protein in the shake. I believe this was discussed in the product thread. If I'm just having 20 g protein per shake, I'll add L-Leucine. If 40 g or more, I'll save the Leucine.

I really like Receptormax, but don't see the point in using more than recommended on the label.

Hope this helps!

BTW, have you thought of calling Biotest and asking for their opinion. Might be better than asking a bunch of anonymous people.


I like the philosophy on dropping the multi & extra fish oil and using BCAA for times when protein is unavailable. Agree with the L-Leucine protocal. The Receptormax label does call for 6/day and I thought the 3 pre workout was overkill. I may just start with 3 spread throughout the day and go from there. Thank you HK24719.


I still take a multi on top of my superfood. Biotest is going to do a multi sooner or later.

With receptormax I believe it is most affective before workout then with carb heavy meals.

HOT-ROX is great on a cut, certainly consider it.

Although 11-T works while on a cut it is better on a bulk. Because of the cost I will be saving it only for bulk.


Thanks Red. And also for the Bill Roberts post.

I'm going to keep up on the Superfood and wait for Biotest to release their multi.

I'm going to experiment with the Receptormax. One month spread out, one month pre workout, and see what happens.

Ordering HOT-ROX next week. Currently on Isatori MX-LS7 and it's pretty good but I'm running low. I already had that in stock before I started ordering Biotest.

Good info on 11-T. Prolly going to wait on that. Or maybe toss it in there the last few weeks when I feel I'm "close" or stuck in a plateua.

I can see a four pack in the morning on an empty stomach but as soon as my whey/blueberries/egg whites/Superfood shake goes down, the belly comes out and the abs are stripped away like a good dream you were having until your cat jumps on your head.