Questions about Weight Records, Weak Point, Rest, and Failure

I have lifted weight for 1.5 months and using Southwood program. My training yesterday was like this:

Power Clean
8 @ 37.5 kg
6 @ 35 kg
4 @ 35 kg

Overhead Press
8 @ 35 kg
6 @ 32.5 kg
3 @ 32.5 kg

Front Squat
8 @ 37.5 kg
6 @ 35 kg
4 @ 35 kg

Bench Press
8 @ 37.5 kg
6 @ 35 kg
4 @ 35 kg

  1. Is my weight record in normal range for someone who lifted for 1.5 months? I add weight 2.5 kg on first set at the next workout day, then I add 2.5 kg on all set at two next day. I plan to switch program to 5/3/1 when I reach 40 kg on all routine so the weight progress become more gradual, but I wonder if I am not doing good enough.

  2. As you see, I cannot get enough reps number at the last set of overhead press. I think it is my weak point, because at three and four last workout, I failed to reach reps number on overhead press, too. Should I address it now or wait until I switch my program. If I should address it now, how?

  3. What should be my priority, rest period or getting reps number as prescribed? I read somewhere (at T-Nation, i think) that you cannot rest too long between sets. I didn’t count the time, but I felt it’s enough. However, I suspect my rest period made me unable to reach reps number on overhead press.

It looks like you started too heavy on your upper body lifts. Just knock off 5kg so you.get the required sets.

Take as much time between sets as you need to give the set everything you have.

It’s perfectly normal to press less than you squat or Powerclean. As strongmangoals says, lower the weight If you can’t get the reps. Press is a lift that is typically loaded lighter, and progresses slower than others.

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I see, so when the target is the first priority, before weight or rest time.

Yes that is correct.

everyone is different. If you’re working hard, you’re trying your best, then that is your own, personal version of ‘good enough’. Everyone will progress at a different rate based on genetics, environment, diet, effort, etc. Some of this you can control, some you can’t. Focus on that which you can control, and accept the results for what they are beyond that.

if you can’t hit prescribed reps on a given lift, using less weight is appropriate to hit those reps, in any program. Most programs are based on set/rep/rest/ percentage of max schemes.

both. you use less weight to achieve this.

count next time, or use a stop watch on your phone. it’s really easy to do. if your rest period made you unable to perform the movement as prescribed, then clearly it was not enough rest, or the weight was too heavy.

depends on the program and your goals. Generally speaking, the heavier you’re lifting, the more rest you’ll take. I take as much as 5-10 minutes between difficult sets sometimes, if I’m hitting near-maximal lifts. Other times, I’ll rest 1 minute between sets if the weight is very manageable. These are things you’ll learn with experience. For now, just do exactly what your program asks of you. Don’t rely on intuition, or any sort of guess work. Use stop watches, use charts, whatever you need. Don’t deviate.


Move on to the big 5/ 5x5 and 5,3,2 phases of the workout.
Generally it doesnt matter, just dont go to total failure on the last rep and you will get stronger in the long run from the overall volume of the program