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Questions About Warrior Diet


hey guys, im thinking of starting this warrior diet but ive got a few questions first and i was hoping some of you could help me out.

  1. ive got a few concerns with diets that restrict my carbs. i know i can eat them during the night in the overeating phase, but will that supply me with enough carbs to get me through my workouts during the day? its not my lifting im having concerns about, its my cardio. for cardio i do very high intensity work ( usually 4 or 5 exercises tabata style or high numbers of bodyweight exercises or o-lifting with no rest in between ). will this diet compliment the way i train?

  2. what thermogenics do you guys recommend for keeping my metabolism going throughout the day?

thanks in advance guys


i tihnk you should be fine. i dont do cardio so i cant tell you for sure but i do supersets and long sets, and without much rest in between to keep my heart pumping. i never lack energy on the warrior diet while exercising.

in the warrior diet it is recommended to "Cycle between days of high protein, low carbs, and days of moderate protein?higher carbs." So do the higher carb days before the days you workout, and lower carb days before the rest days.

the last Ghost Wolf also showed this was recommended by Flex Magazine: "Alter your carb intake. If you eat minimal carbs for a few days and then eat lots of them again, virtually all the carbs go to your muscles. "

give it a shot anyway, i think you should be fine whatever you do. i dont do this alternation thing, i dont plan my meals in any way. im always more than fine in my workouts. in all cases, you will teach your body to tap into energy reserves and become really efficient at it. you wouldn't need to pamper your body so that it becomes dependent on constant feeding so that it could operate... your body will turn into a tough survival machine... it'll dig into your fat cells to make energy. or something like that.

as for thermogenics, i dunno. ive taken Animal Cuts but only because that was the only thing i could get in the middle east...i wouldn't get it tho, it has too much crap thrown into it.. i prefer products with less ingredients and more concentrations for efficacity (is this a right word?). I really would prefer to try HOT-ROX, hopefully in a couple months ill be able to get my hands on some.