Questions About Vince Gironda

I have recently become interested in the techniques employed and promoted by Vince Gironda and I have two questions that I would appreciate clarification with, if possible.

  1. Vince seemed to recommend angled bar parallel dips as his preferred chest exercise. But finding said dip station is almost impossible, especially out here.

Do wide grip straight bar parallel dips work as well so long as the elbows remain flared out, the chin to chest, and feet in the appropriate position? Or will it work another muscle or is it not as effective?

  1. In “Unleashing the Wild Physique,” Vince listed several exercises per muscle group. When it comes to thighs, he seems to have preferred the sissy squats. However, there is also a VERY similar exercise called the Delinger squat. They seem exactly the same with the exception of how close the foot placement is. Is there any other difference? If so, can you clarify the difference between Sissy Squats and Delinger Squats?

Thanks for any input.

  1. Good luck with that. In my gym we had a no so parallel bar that works quite well. Please realize that Vince’s philosophy is all about aesthetics. he did not believe in the bench press (something about the front delts). Just go to his web site and do it exactly as prescribed. OK, you might not be at the exact 32 inches, but give it a try first… There is also a reverse grip variation.

  2. According the Vince, the Delinger (it was named after someone, you should read up on that history, quite interesting) squat was also for aesthetics. He did not like the back squat as it gave you a big butt. Sissy squat: you hold onto something and well, do the sissy squat. Delinger you stand on a 2x4 (there to keep your balance), go up and trust your hips forward as you go up. Works more the top part to get that hip to waist ratio.

Good luck.

Wouldn’t worry about it in both cases -sounds like it would make minimal difference