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Questions about TRT Therapy

hi everyone, I am new to this site and 1 week new to trt therapy. I received my bloodtest the other day and everything was good except my test levels which was 182. My doctor said i should go on therapy to get my levels up.

I am 38 yrs old 5"11 and weigh 233 lbs. He prescribe me 200 ml biweekly of test cyp. I was an athlete a long time ago but after getting married and three children priorities have turned to them. I just started working out about three months ago. weight training 4 days with a 30 min cardio after each work out and then a 1 hour cardio session on one of my off days. my questions are if i have to be on test cyp is 200 ml biweekly enough to build muscle and burn fat? should i do injections every 10 days or every 14 days? I have only had 1 injection how long does it take before it starts to do anything. It has only been 5 days since i had my first injection and i do feel alittle more energized just not sure if it is the test or mental.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

Injecting every 2 weeks is bad news and puts you on a roller coaster ride…you should be self injecting 2-3 times a week (every other day or E3D)…read the stickeys at the top of this forum:

-Advice for New Guys
-Protocol for Injections

You should post all your bloodwork so we can look over what your doctor may have missed…post the test, value, and range…

You asked if this is enough to burn fat and build muscle, well of course it is…it makes you normal…can normal people do those things? That is your answer…


You are on a steep learning curve and your doc is a first class idiot who read the 50-60 year old prescribing literature. You need to learn enough to educate or fire your doctor. We are hear to help. Come back with more info as indicated in the stickies. Sorry about the protocol for injections sticky, it got trashed by poor netiquette.