Questions about Tribex and M

I’d break out the CC right now and order up some, but I was curious if anyone has ever experienced acne increases with any T products ? I broke out from ZMA and I was thinking I would do the same with a T product.

I treat acne topically with proactiv and works fine. just curious if u guys think I should just go and get some and just try it out, or since I broke out to zma I should hold back.

Thanks !

I emailed T-mag a few months ago regarding acne and M, and Cy Wilson was nice enough to respond with something along the lines of: if you don’t change any other factors, M shouldn’t produce an increase in acne (it may even decrease it).

On a side note, pantothenic (sp??) acid has worked amazingly well for me. Do a google search and you’ll find a links to a study with more information. I use about 5 grams a day and have been incredibly pleased with the results. Hope this helps.