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Questions About Training Advice & My Potential

So, no, you didn’t follow any of the advice that was offered in that thread.

You were given a plan in January and choose not to follow it.

The point of continuing is to reach a goal. However, you’ve already said that “realistic goals” don’t motivate you.

So, it’s a conundrum. Aim for unrealistic goals and become demotivated because you’re not reaching them or aim for realistic goals (which is not the same as “mediocre” goals) and become demotivated because you actually can reach them.

In any case, if you follow a well-designed training and nutrition plan for 6-12 months without stopping, you will get phenomenal results. This is 100% true. It sounds like you’ve never actually dialed in your training and diet with a good plan for a long period of time, so it’s not a surprise you’re not satisfied with your progress.


I don’t suppose I can be of any help to you.

My dad frequently told me when I would say, “I can’t”, he countered, “Son, can’t never did anything.”

And my favorite quote (anonymous): “You can believe you can or you cannot. In either case you are correct.”


A good coach can work inside the guidelines you give him. ie: I’ve got this equipment tonwork with and this is my goal.

I feel your pain though. A few years ago I wanted to start working out but was too scared. Joined a small 24hr gym and would only workout at like 2am. If someone was there I’d sit in the parking lot until they left. Gave up soon after. Then I decided I was gonna work out again. Put together a nice home gym and worked out at home alone for a year before I had the balls to get in a real gym. I struggle with anxiety and depression as well, so you’re not alone. Just gotta slowly over come it one small step at a time.


It sounds like to me, you have determined that the only reason or meaning of continuing is if you could look like Mike Mentzer. That is like quitting the guitar because you likely won’t ever be as good as Eddie Van Halen, or basketball because you won’t ever be as good as Jordan. Your goal is unrealistic for 99/100 men (and that is generous, probably 999/1000).

I gave you good goals. Stuff like being the top 10% for your body, then 5%, then 1%. Those goals should increase your confidence, which should help with anxiety. It sounds like you need more work on your mental health though. I would seek that out if I were you. You can make friends, you can get the attention of the opposite sex. You don’t need to look like Mike Mentzer for that. You could be doing that now, if you worked on your mental health, and got on meds / counseling for anxiety and depression.

I genuinely don’t understand why people are putting so much effort into getting someone who doesn’t want to workout to workout.

No different than a dude on a guitar forum saying “If I can’t play like Prince, I don’t want to pick up a guitar”. That dude shouldn’t pick up a guitar.


Thanks for the answers , they were clear and encouraging. But the conclusion is the same as I initially reached. It is an impossible dream, with very little probability of happening. I think, among many other things, sports are not for me . I will give up bodybuilding.

The topic can be closed (I don’t know if I can do this myself).

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That’s pretty awesome! Good on you