Questions about the Supplements on T-Nation

ok im a little confused really. ive reached a point where i know what to do with diet, havent reached a plateau really and i know some supplements you are better off taking after reaching a plateau(or is taht for steroids?). anyway, if its for supplements too which ones should i be getting now and which ones should i wait till i plateau? if not then disregard.

second, which of the suppplements here on tnation should i be getting for getting stronger. i dont care for looks or muscle, but right now im bulking up anyway so if there is something for building muscle faster too sure! just remember if it matters at all that i want the muscle to be on anything but chest and biceps. yep im trying to gain muscle for olympic lifting, ill be going for the 105kg class so it snot like i can gain muscle anywhere like in the 105+ class.

third, i already take 2 scoops of whey at once instead of 1 since i weigh more than the average person. is that ok with all supplements(the ones from biotest here on tnation’s store)?

fourth, there are so many supplements that are recommended to be taken post workout, is it ok to put all of those in 1 post workout drink?

questions about the biotest products now:

i need the superfood since i dont live with mom anymore for her to cook all that many veggies and get so many fruits.

the same for the Z-12 cause i have trouble sleeping, especially after some workouts i feel way too hyper

i dont get how important flameout will be to me. except for the occassional break that i take im not really sore and im nowhere near an age to worry about heart diseases or cancer. it says it helps with metabolism and losing fat… the metabolism will be good but the fat isnt really necessary for me to lose at this point. i guess it would help but im thinking the 30 dollars will be better spent when im cutting right?

ZMA seems helpful too i guess…

whats the difference between Metabolic Drive�?� and Metabolic Drive�?� Complete? is the complete one better? better for bulk up but worse for cutting?

whats the point of Metabolic Drive�?� Protein Bars? are they just to replace meals that you cant get in? if so i dont really need them…

surge also seems to help , it has a bunch of carbs and protein like metabolic drive tho, so which one should i be getting? or both?

grow! premium quality whey, seems to be the cheap thing? or is it also helpful in cutting because of the low carbs?

im kinda bored to read 5 pages on spike so when is it useful, what does it do, and which one is the best one? should i get it pre workout? during? both?

beta 7 seems to help too

BCAAs too

hot rox is for fat loss so i dont really need it… i doubt anyone really does unless they are bodybuilders

alpha male helps too. im wondering though how many of these supplements i actually need cause some seem to have same stuff in them

tribux is what? a worse alpha male? i dont get it

rez-v again seems like the above two… which one is the best?

carbolin 19 i thought i saw in some other supplements before that i can get it from tehre too

se7en is for women and last i checked im not so yeah

creatine im not sure i need it (it makes your muscles bigger, by being less thick right? or something like that? not sure exactly)

power drive ill definitely try since strength is my first and main goal and it seems to help with other stuff too

anyway can someone help me with what someone thats 1st interested in strength get? money isnt a problem. but getting 3 that are similar and are there are tiny differences that are still helpful… well shrugs

that helped a bit, but there are still some questions. for example why not take beta 7 for strength?

the author was trying not to break people’s budgets and listed the most important in his opinion.

I’d say BETA-7 should be a staple of a strength supplement stack

Beta-alanine + Creatine…has increased my recovery and work capacity like crazy in the past 3 weeks. I love this combo and would def recommend it to break a plateau