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Questions About the Future of PEDs in Sports

I can’t for the life of me understand why athletes take stanozolol. Virtually all athletes complain about joint/tendon pain, injuries and “tightness” when on the drug, Ben Johnson included.

I’ve spoke to a few competitive wrestlers (mat wrestling). You wouldn’t believe the shit they have to go through in order to cut weight… As a matter of fact Australia has now mandated competitors weigh in on the same day just prior to competition because methods used for cutting weight were considered so dangerous.

At my old muay thai gym the fighters did some pretty extreme weight cutting, with saunas and all the rest of it. 3 years ago in Perth an 18 year old girl died after cutting weight for a MT fight, so I remember there was a big push to change the laws surrounding it but I don’t know what changes were made since then (I haven’t trained MT for a while). I could understand risking your health for some world championship or large payout, but a lot of these guys are amateurs and still drastically cut weight for a small/no payout.

Why not merely control caloric intake as to not go over a designated weight prior to fighting? Weight cutting surely impedes athletic prowess

You want to be over the weight class so you can get the benefits that make weight classes necessary in the first place. The easiest way to be in a weight class in the morning (or day) before the contest and be over it afterwards is to water cut (then rehydrate)


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are very closely linked I guess. A powerlifting met has 0 riding on it but pride, fun & love. Where as NFL is “sports entertainment”. There is a big difference in risking your health for love of the game, and risking it money. A players union of weight lifters would likely not address the elephant in the room. Because they love it. Where as in other more lucrative sport it would be a front and centre issues.
Thinking about this - it makes sense. A short while back the international rugby board realised a study saying grassroots players were much more likely to hide signs of concussion. I think its the same sort of thing. They (we) play out of love. Not of out contractoral obligation.