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Questions About The Best 2b Split

Hello CT,

Some questions about your best split for 2b (best option) :

  1. What would be the ideal session for the Posterior chain ? (Deadlift and : Snatch Grip High Pull?, DB stiff legged deadlift?, … )

  2. You often said that the 2b should not have more than 2 consecutive days of rest, so where would they be best placed?

  3. If a week I feel great, can I add an optional session at the end of the week? (so 6 days in a row without rest) and what could it look like?

Thanks from France !

  1. You could do an assistance lift first (defficit deads of you’re weak from the floor, romanian if you’re weak at the kness, chain deads or rack pull if you’re weak at the end), then work on either the muscles that are lagging or that you want to emphasize (hamstrings: DB stiff leg, curls, nordic raises; Glutes: pull-through, hip thrusts; Traps: shrugs, power shrugs, SGHp etc etc…)

  2. Wednesday and Sunday

  3. I don’t think so, it is likely an indicator that you are doing great, and instead try to increase the weights/train harder