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Questions about T-Dawg diet

I have a couple of questions about this diet 1)Since this is a low carb diet where do you get your energy from to have a productive workout? 2)What happens to your body after you come off of this type of diet and start eating more carbs again? I have heard that you can blow up like a balloon once you start taking in more carbs. Is this true?

i’ve been kind of doing the t-dawg diet with great results. went from 254-233 in ABOUT 5 Weeks… about 50 g. carbs on off days… 75g. on days i work out…(oatmeal) 220g. protein… what i’ve been doing that i beileve is important is adding flax oil… i do 3-4 tblsp. a day. and about 10g of creatine.