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Questions about Supplements


Hey guys!

I remember reading a while back that most of the multi products on the shelves are ineffective because they do not dissolve before leaving the body and end just end up in the toilet at the end of the day. I've also read the eating ZMA while there is some fat in the stomach is an issue because the ZMA binds to the fats and doesn't really enter the bloodstream. The last statement feels brosciencey to me, but I want to be sure.

What are some good multi products that cover the nutritional bases and can still be digested?

What can one do to increase the usefulness of their multivitamins/minerals?

I use a pre-workout drink called NanoVapor. It seems to give me serious burps during training. It's not a huge deal, but I'm wondering if there is a way to stop that.

I've been using ZMA and to be honest I can't tell if it's upping my levels of free testosterone, but it has been giving me funky dreams. Are there any natural, legal supplements (besides food), that upregulate testosterone? No prohormones please, I just turned 18.

Thanks in advance,


Why do you think you need more free testosterone if you're only 18? You are probably at your peak levels now, and unless you have a medical condition, will not need to worry about supplementation until you are much older.

Take a good multivitamin with plenty of B-vitamins and minerals including zinc. That plus good nutrition is all you need. Read the stickies on the beginners site.

I have no idea what NanoVapor is, but if it does not work for you stop using it. Get your carbs from other sources.


NanoVapor does wonders for me actually--I just burp alot. Any specific multis? I'm sure walmart brand isn't as good as animal pak or something similar.


If you're 18, and your hormones are pretty much at their peak levels, and you couldn't have possibly been training more than a few years tops,.... then how the hell can you tell that the Nanovapor is doing wonders?



NanoVapor is a nitric oxide product that helps keep me focused. On routines with higher volume days, I would lose concentration and start staring at the floor between sets, but the caffeine/nitric oxide/arginine helps me stay in the proverbial zone.


It's the Caffeine you realize right? NO products don't work. I could show you a good handful of actual research studies (not the magical ones quoted in the magazine ads) showing that the amounts of Arginine in your product, when ingested Orally, will do absolutely nothing for growth, strength, anything really. Take a swig of Coke and you'll have just as good of a workout.