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Questions about Solid Protocol

Hey paul! I’ve some questions about your solid protocol:
1- why the in fisrt phase has low frequency? (Hit the same muscle every seven day)
2- can i add some extre little workout in another time or at the end of training, like 100x lateral raise/ or front raise ?
3_ on deadlift day, can i change the main lift for some variation of row(ex.:tbar row), because i have low back pain.

  1. The first phase is mostly built around strength/progressive overload. Strength, as far as we can tell, doesn’t have the same correlation to volume and frequency that hypertrophy does. Studies have shown that once a week, when training for strength, has virtually the same impact that twice a week does when volume is equated for.

  2. You can, but I always suggest people do a program as written the first time around.

  3. Yes of course.

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Can this program be done with limited equipment/home gym? Or is there a machine work involved?

There is a lot of room to use whatever equipment you want, and it doesn’t call for 1000 exercises from every angle; it’s well-suited to a home gym set-up.

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Thank you!

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Yup. I train at home about half the time and have a fairly limited setup.