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Questions about Sheiko


Hey guys, I just started the Sheiko program, #29. I was just wondering about a couple things:
A) Can I switch out the accessory movements for my own? (I don't see how 5 sets of dumbbell flyes will help)
B) Would it hurt my progress if I added in some work on the tuesday and thursday i'm supposed to rest?


You will pay dearly if you don’t rest. Sheiko is crazy volume and the sessions are very long.

Sheiko is similar to WSBB w/ accessory work. Boris will tell you to work weaknesses. Those programs are a generic program. Like any program, you have to make it work for you from one workout to the next.


The flies are for stretching do them light, and as said before don’t play around with it first time, give it a go, and see if it works for you.


Hello mate,

I’ve run a few cycles of Sheiko (I’m not familiar with #27 though) but these are comments by Boris Sheiko on his website about accessory work:

“Additional/GPP exercises. Use medium weights. For example: after 8 reps you should be able do 3-4 more”

“Variations of competitive movements (especially preparatory exercises) are included when you need to fix an error in the technique of competitive exercises or when you have to make some muscle group stronger”

I believe the primary purpose of accessory exercises is to stretch the muscles and give additional volume stress to the tendons (can’t remember where I read that, tried to find it but failed) rather than strengthen perceived weak points as is the common approach in ‘western’ programmes.

The main lifts are altered to address weak points so weak lockout would see the vanilla bench replaced with chain bench and/or board bench on 1-2 days a week, for example. A typical western programme would see the lifter add close grip benches, pushdowns and the like to “bench day” or possibly a second accessory lift day of tricep movements trained to failure for 2-3 sets each. Bear in mind Sheiko will have you doing 10-15 sets of bench 3 times a week.

As regards an additional day I would split up some of the longer days with double squat/bench sessions on the extra day you wish to do. You are meant to rest 4-7mins between sets so a typical session can get towards 2 hours. You are also meant to have a sauna day for about 1 hour. If you are working full time with a family this is probably already too much, but Boris does recommend 4 days over 3.

I have to say though I’ve done Western and Sheiko programmes and made progress on both; there is no magic programme and it is only one element of the training mix along with nutrition, consistency, effort etc.