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Questions about Sheiko?


I have a question about sheiko. I am wondering what program I should start with? I dont think im a beginer and feel that shieko 29 is going to be too light, According to sheiko's classification system I fall between level 3 and 2 with a 1150lb raw total I lift at 181 lbs. I am not prepping for a meet or anything I just want more strength.

So if anyone has experience with shieko please help. and does it really take 2 hrs to complete?

my recent program has just been lift heavy for 5x5 or 6x4 and up the weights 5-10 once the desired sets and reps have been completed.


Start with 29. I had a 1215 total when I started and was just fine. It does not take 2hrs to complete. If you have a high work capacity it does not. Find the spread sheet, put your numbers in and start with #29. I believe that #29 is where everyone starts. It will get you acclimated to Sheiko style of training. I did 29-37-30-40 and I am in my second go around with #29. Trust me when I tell you this: Start with 29. Report back and say if it was easy or not.

EDIT: Take a look at all the sheiko programs. Do you see any that are heavy??? Look at them at see the relative intensity of all the weeks and the average. I don't see any with an intensity over 75%.


Bishop, what kind of results did you get after your first Sheiko program?


I did not test my maxes. I think that you really do a disservice testing your maxes after 1 prep cycle. If I were you, I would do #29 followed up with #37 and then run #32 (Peaking Cycle)

So far, after 30- my squat went up 35lbs

Today, I tested bench (sort of) and my previous max was a struggle at 320. Today I did 325 for 2 relatively easy singles. I could have went on but had to stop because of time constraints.

Trust me- This program really works.