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Questions about SARMs/Test/Dbol Cycle. Advice


36 yrs old. 230lb and 4 weeks in my cycle…
Test cyp 400/wk
Lgd at normal dose
Yk11 at normal dose

Things are good! I have rad140 to add to this cycle on the last month… and i have injectable dbol I’m thinking about adding in the last month. Lgd and yk11 are done after 2mo…
I’m shooting for 12 wks… no longer. Anyone have advice or suggestions?
Def running a PCT of anastrozole and clomid… do I need anything other than those two?


Anyone got experience with these SARMs? Can I run the Dbol at the end?


I have no personal experience with sarms. I can take a look into the compounds you’re running but you will need to provide links to pharmacology information as I’m not familiar with the drugs you’re referencing.

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor which stops elevated testosterone levels from being converted into estrogen while on cycle. You do not want to use it for PCT as it is counterproductive for this purpose. I would recommend low-dose nolvadex alone for pct as it promotes lh and fsh without suppressing.

Also if you don’t mind using a needle, why use a hepotoxic c17-alpha-alkylated like methandrostenolone?


I’ve got clomid for the PCT. Do I need nolva as well? And is the dbol a
terrible thing to inject? I gotta look it up but I think it’s 40mg daily…I
was just gonna run that for the last week or two. I’m glad I asked for
advice man… not trying to shoot my liver. Thanks for reply man


Clomiphene is okay instead of tamoxifen; Low-dose for 6-8 weeks. As long as your injection procedure is good, injecting is no worse than oral; maybe 30% more bioavailability so adjust dose as such. I meant I would personally just go with a non alkylated injectabable since you don’t mind IM but I don’t think it would kill you for a limited period as long as none of your other compounds are hepotoxic.


Thanks for the advice… I’ll def be reading more on these issues… working
out a schedule for dosing and PCT is gonna be crucial, I know… I may
bounce stuff by you again soon. Again, I appreciate your input. I always
like to know more about this. Next cycle will be a ways off but I would
love to build on others past exp instead of winging it like I have with
this stack.


I have been on sarms, Lgd and yk11 for 4 wks. I have gained muscle and lost some fat but I’m done with these for now until more is known about them. I’m still taking test 200 2x/wk. Also added tren e at 300 2x/wk and I started this 1 wk ago. 2 days after ending sarms. I have soreness in my joints and tendons and have heard good things about deca helping this. I ordered deca 500 but I need more info. Dosing will prolly be 250 2x/wk for last 6 weeks of cycle. This leaves me at:
Wk totals, 2 pins/wk:
Test e 400 for 8 more wk
Tren e 600 for 8 more wk
Deca 500 starts in 2 wk and run for 6 wk
Pct is still clomid at 21 days from last pin 40/40/20/20, anastrozal when needed, usually every 3 days I take .25
Any input is appreciated. So far, the tren has had little sides. I feel like Ito a great fit so far.


I would stay away form SARMs since they’re still pretty unknown.


@beachbum5133 Is this your first cycle? how experienced are you in using AAS? Honestly if that is a first cycle…GODDAMN, that is a HEAVY cycle by any measure…let alone for your first. you will blow the fuck up. I would up the anastrozole if I were you…4 weeks into it the Test E hasn’t even really kicked in yet…no point in doing Deca for only 6 weeks, it will barely had even started to work and you will be stopping it. Also the Tren is CRAZY high compared to the test yu are injecting. Plus, stacking 2 19-Nors…bad fucking idea. Your dick will become a useless shrimp if you aren’t careful with what you do with AAS…just my two cents at the end of the day you can do what you want. Deca will help with joint pain. This is what my cycle would look like if I were you.

Test E 200 E3D (same as before)
Choose ONE: Deca or tren.
Tren E 150 E3D…you could even go down to 100…Tren is powerful shit.
Deca 250/WEEK
Caber: .5 mg EOD
anastrozole .5 mg EOD

This is just to give you somewhat of an idea, a baseline .

I am not by any means the most knowledgable on this forum…not by a long shot. @flipcollar, @KSman, do you have any further guidance on this? Seems to me this cycle is not a good idea. Best of luck.


Thanks man, it’s not my first cycle. I have heard high tren low test is better than low tren high test. And thanks for deca advice. I’m needing something for joint relief and strengthening. That’s my thought process, to use deca for that. Maybe I hold off on deca till next cycle. Tren e is powerful and I’m excited. Thanks for advice


@beachbum5133 I had good results with 250mg deca/week for joint relief. I have pretty bad shoulder and elbow issues when off, but when on they go away, its pretty nice. let me know how that dosage of tren works out for you, i have never tried it myself. am going to get on 750mg sust250 in a few weeks with 250 mg deca. currently cruising at 200mg test prop/cyp blend, pretty excited for my next blast. best of luck


How long did it take to get some relief from the deca? My shoulders and elbows are exactly what I’m looking to ease soreness… thanks again for the advice


is it muscle soreness or joint pain that you’re dealing with in these joints? You said soreness, but I think you might mean something else, so I just want to clarify.

As has already been mentioned, deca needs to be run longer than that to be effective. Your dose is fine, but 8-12 weeks is better. I wouldn’t run less than 10, personally. If you have access to NPP, that would be useful to start getting the benefit quicker.

That’s a relatively strong cycle overall, but it’s not insane, assuming you’ve run something close to this in the past. I think it’s weird that you started with 400 test and some shitty sarms, then 10 days later you’re planning on running 1500mg of total gear with tren and deca added in, lol.

I don’t think your tren is ‘crazy high’, assuming you’ve run it before. And I know people who run high test/low tren, high tren/low test, and anything in between. It’s about personal preference.


Definitely joint pain. Thanks for clearing that up… and the sarms, yeah, that wasn’t smart. I found the gear I was looking for and now I’m set up. I think the deca will be on hold till next cycle after the advice and experience I’ve heard…


I would say it took me about 4-5 weeks for the deca to start helping my joints. Yah i wouldn’t run it any less than 10 weeks. Ran i for 10 weeks last time and i feel like another 3-5 weeks would have been perfect to reap full benefits.