Questions about Rest, Beginner Prep School


I’m 30, 1m82 (5ft 11), 84kg. The gyms will reopen and I would like to come back with a good program. 3 months ago I was doing “Krypteia” .

My TM were:

170kg - deadlift
105kg - squat (My squat is so weak)
90kg - bench
55kg - press.

I thought it would be interesting to start again with the “beginner prep school” program.

Start with TM:

90 Squat
80 Bench
50 Pres

Can I still easily increase my loads with this program?

Compared to this program, we have to finish the main exercise in 16 minutes. How it goes with 3 warm-up series 3 series 5 FSL series that’s 11 series with superset push-ups There isn’t much rest, right? Not even a minute …


Bit of an old question but I see no one’s answered you.

Easily? I don’t know.

If you phrase it this way, then the answer is yes.

It’s not just pushups. This is the movement that he specifically named, but there are other options. Do some situps during your 3 warmup sets, pushups during your 3 main sets, and chinups during your 5 FSL sets. Switch it up.

No, it’s not, but don’t worry about being exact. If you’re pretty out of shape, give yourself a little extra time to start with, and just get better over time. If you’re “supposed” to rest for 53 seconds but rest for 1 minute, the program still works.

Thanks for all your answers.

he didn’t write in the book but for superset. I continue with 2 exercices ?

If I do squat/bench, I do superset too during bench?


As an example, during your first lift (squat OR deadlift), like I said earlier, you could do situps or some other ab movement during your warmup sets, pushups or dips during your main sets (this will help warm up your pressing muscles for your bench/press), and chinups during your FSL sets.

Then once you get to your second lift (bench OR press) you can do some face pulls or pull aparts during your warmup sets, maybe some more chinups during your main sets (it’s very hard to do too many chinups, especially if you rotate between different grips), and then maybe some lunges, goblet squats, or kettlebell swings during your FSL sets.

Just think about how things pair up when you choose assistance movements. You may not want to do lunges or swings during your heavy squat sets, so save them for the end. (Or go ahead and do them then to really push yourself, haha.) Doing pushups or dips before benching or pressing warms your shoulders up. Doing chinups, rows, & face pulls/pull aparts with your benching/pressing always works well. Just consider those things, try to do a lot of upper body pulling assistance, and you’ll be fine.

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Thanks a lot for you answers.

It is much clearer and I understand the program better like that.