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Questions about Renegade

I am currently at 233 pounds with about 13 (I have done caliper measurements and gotten between 12 and 14, so I’m using 13 as my number) percent body fat. I am going to start Renegade Training for Track in three weeks. I was doing T-dawg 2.0 for weight loss, but have stopped so I can carb load during my States and hopefully Nationals for track. My goal is to be about 240 by the end of the summer and hopefully around 10 percent body fat for football. What kind of eating plans do you suggest while on Renegade type programs? I am wary of doing t-dawg because of the low carbs that I would need for the types of work outs they are, plus I want to gain some more LBM before football starts, but want to try and minimize fat gain, or even lose some fat. Any suggestions as how i should go about this in terms of eating?

Also, as a side note, I am keeping track of my food logs. If I go to bed at 1 am on Jan. 2nd and have my protien shake, should that count towarsd the protien for Jan. 1 or Jan. 2 (meaning I am going to bed the “night” of the first, which in reality is the morning of the 2nd)

Please email me directly to discuss as well.

Given your training demands I wouldn’t recommend that diet precisely. I needs to be amped up with greater complex carbs.

Lets discuss more.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Wasn’t it shown that carb loading was a fallacy, unless done with carb depletion beforehand?

It hasn’t been a true carb load, I’ve just upped the amount of carbs to make sure there are no questions as to whether or not my carbs are sufficient for proper energy levels. I will e-mail you ASAP Coach Davies.