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Questions about Raw Orgin versus Quality versus Bang for Buck

Ok first I think this is Pharma forum is the closest subject matter for my questions. If I am in the wrong forum please let me know.

Ok the background is this, I have a source that I trust and so far have had excellent results using. I have also used another source and through testing (second source only) I am fairly confident I had quality and within a ten percent window of advertised dosage ie, if it said 250 mgs I am willing to bet it was between 225-275mgs of advertised hormone.

My primary source worked better than the second source, the second source was the one supposedly (if I can trust the friend who said he had it tested) tested. My primary source advertised as having raws from Germany the second source didn’t say. I did notice that the oil with primary source was thinner even when the advertised mgs were higher as in 400mgs vs 250mgs. I have noticed with the primary source I feel it kick in sooner and stronger (could be placebo effect idk). My gains with primary source have been better.

My first question is could the carrier oil have something to do with how I feel like the primary source kicks in harder and sooner? Could the carrier oil be effecting how it is being released from injection site? Thoughts?

For my next question, the primary source has recently started a new label. Let’s call the first band #1 and the second brand/label from the same source #2. I noticed with the #2 some of the prices are slightly higher for the same hormone and dosage. I have sent them an email asking about the differences and possibly if the new label uses raws from another country or source. I have a feeling I will get a vague answer from them but it’s possible I will get a concise answer depending on whom is handling the emails that day. My gut tells me that if the #1s advertised raws are truly from Germany then that label would have higher costs versus the new label possibly being made from Chinese or Russian raws.

With my experience wondering about carrier oils that got me thinking that maybe the new label #2 is using a more expensive oil but only a few random products are more expensive than label #1. There is no consistency with the label #2 being priced higher. It’s not like the testosterone cypionate or the blends carrying them are all more expensive. Also the label #2 has a couple of odd new hormones that Google came back as prohormones but they are suspended in oil for IM injections. Also the new label is missing a few hormones that label #1 has, like primo acetate, drostonolone propionate, and tren hex. With all of this in mind I figure the new label is from a different source of raws. Label #1 is supposed to be from raws from Germany yet it is consistently priced lower or competitively with other brands that are obviously from Chinese raws. I would assume if label #2 is from Chinese raws then this new label would have less cost not more cost to produce.

My second question is more a topic I was hoping to get some responses to. First part has anyone noticed the raws from different countries having different results or quality, if so which is best. Second question what would cause just random hormones to be priced higher, could it be that they see those random hormone dosage strength being purchased more so they figure why not just charge more for those top sellers?

Anyways thanks for reaching my post thus far. I would appreciate any input or thoughts about these topics as one day I hope to home brew and the info will come in handy then. Also I hope this is the most appropriate forum to ask this stuff. I realized what I am asking about could be on the line in regards to the rules but I didn’t give any specific information about sources so I hope I am in adherence of the rules.

Someone fill me in please, is this subject about the raw powder’s country of origin just not an appropriate subject?

What about the carrier oil question? Does no one care beyond the “do I react to it” stand point? I can’t be the only one who’s noticed a difference with thinner versus thicker oils kicking differently.

From what I can tell almost all raws for UGL are sourced from China.
I wouldn’t have thought different carrier oils effect absorption rates dramatically.
Some hormones supposedly take longer, or more expensive raw materials to synthesise. That is ment to account for price differences. I don’t know if its true or not.

I actually found this on another forum, it’s about the carrier oils. I totally came across this but accident while looking up something else.


In the search for long-acting testosterone preparations suited for substitution therapy of hypogonadal men, testosterone undecanoate (TU) dissolved in either tea seed oil or castor oil was investigated.

  • In study I, 1000 mg TU in tea seed oil (125 mg/ml) were injected in equal parts into the gluteal muscles of seven hypogonadal men.
  • In study II, 1000mg TU in castor oil (250 mg/ml) were injected
    into one gluteal muscle of 14 patients.
    In comparison with published data on testosterone enanthate, most widely used for i.m. injections, the kinetic profiles of both TU preparations showed extended half-lives and serum levels not exceeding the upper limit of normal.
    The TU-castor oil preparation had a longer half-life than TU in tea
    seed oil 34 vs 21 days
    European Journal of Endocrinology 140 414–419

So the Oil does effect the process.

Any info on Grapeseed oil?
Interesting. I guess most guys here are interested in getting the steroid to act as quickly as possible. Does anyone know which oil fits the bill, for quickest absorption?