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Questions About Quattro Dynamo

I want to try the Quattro Dynamo program for three weeks before I take a recuperation week.

In his article, Waterbury discussed variables that should be met in order to benefit from the program, or at least to avoid overtraining. Two of these variables were 10 hours of sleep a day, and a slew of supplements such as TRIBEX.

However, I am a college student, and I am forced to walk A LOT every day, which burns calories and promtes a certain degree of fatigue. Further, I only average about 7 hours of sleep a night, far from the recommended 10. And I won’t take TRIBEX or Surge.

So my question is this: based on the fact that I can’t meet some of the variables Waterbury mentioned, should I even attempt the program, or will I overtrain? Keep in mind that I am able to consume lots of calories, and I do supplement with whey, flax, and a multivitamin.

Thanks for your replies.

you’ll be fine.

supplementation is generally unnecessary. more sleep doesn’t help like everybody says. it’s ENOUGH sleep that helps.

Walking is good for your recovery. You’ll be less sore and recover faster with walking everyday then if you laze around the house like a vegetable. The movemeny promotes lymph circulation, so maybe the old timey notion of “stagnating” without enough activity has some validity.

If your diet will accomodate it, I’d use the Surge. Otherwise I’d time a big chow hall meal right before or after training.

I love quattro dynamo, one of my favorite programs.


Thanks for the replies.

I have another question though.

Day 1 of Quattro Dynamo includes heavy benching, and I had a chest workout only 48 hours ago ( on Friday morning). 48 hours between chest workouts doesn’t seem like enough recovery time given the fact that this new program is going to be incorporating chest work 4-5 times a week. Should I proceed with this program even though I worked chest only two days ago?

I suggest you perform the program while getting as much sleep as possible. The supplements aren’t mandatory, but they certainly help.

Thanks for responding Mr. Waterbury.

What is your opinion on starting this program two days following a chest workout? (The original question is a couple posts above). I know you are a proponent of higher-frequency training for hypertrophy (I read somewhere that you don’t espouse lifting each bodypart once a week, like the dogma of bodybuilding says), but is two days enough rest for my chest and delts before staring this program?

Thanks for your time.