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Questions About Protein/Amino Pulsing


Post away.



Thib, Thanks for all your valuable info. One question though I am on a limmited budget and was wondering what would be the best approach with just bcaa's, leucine and whey isolate protein. Thanks for all your help.


0.2g of BCAAs per pound 45 minutes before workout
5-7g leucine 20 minutes before workout
25g whey isolate and 20-30g of a fast-absorbed carb 10 minutes before workout
25g whey isolate and 5-7g of leucine during the workout (finishing pretty much with the end of the workout)
50g whey 15 minutes after the workout
5-7g leucine 80 minutes after the workout
50g whey 90 minutes after the workout


Nothing about glutamine postworkout?


No, unless you have a severe immune system problem.


Hey coach,

Using the above PARAWORKOUT strategie, BUT with Hydrolysed Casein, could one simply use less HC?

My understanding is that the lower the quality, the more is required, and the higher, slightly less...

For the LOW PROTEIN day. How would you suggest I set it up, given that I am on strict low carbs?

My OFF day happens to be my cheat day too btw, so the last meal of the day is high in both protein and carbs, which I take is okay, but confused as to what to eat for the first half?



  1. It is true that you need less casein hydrolysate to get the same anabolic effect as from whey isolate. From what I've notice so far, one scoop of Anaconda which has 12g of a unique form of casein hydrolysate is as effective as 30-40g of whey isolate. However I have no experience with casein hydrolysate of a lower quality.

  2. For the first half go mostly with veggies, oils, small portions of nuts here and there.


Thanks coach,

I will use my discretion with the use of various quality Isolates etc and amounts, assessing weekly. I plan of keeping highest quality stuff I can get PARAWORKOUT and slightly lower quality isolate for the remainder pulses in the day(1-2).

Eager to see week 1 results.



Thanks for the response. What about pulsing on your off days. Thanks again


Christian, just wanted to make sure I understood it correctly.

The only times we pulse is before the breakfast and around the workout. Nothing in between meals? So there will be around 4 hours between meals?



One more pulse is being used during a mass building phase


coach hello and have anice summer.i am a weightlifter with limit budget.i am traininig 6 times the week.can you give me proposals about good suplemation schedule for strength gains muscle recovery and energy during training?also i want to ask you if a person cant take caffeine for energy stimulation is anything to substitute the caffeine?i am looking forward to hearing for you.


Where do you recommend to put it?

Thanks for the response


It depends on when you workout is and what is your eating schedule.


Pre-Breakfast - CH + 5g Leucine




Para-workout nutrition according to your recommendations as close as possible

Pre-bed meal


Add another pulse between the end of your workout and your pre-bed meal. Ideally 60-90 minutes after the workout has ended.


Thanks a lot Christian!


Good day sir,

I am a Powerlifter and I was thinking about training twice per day only 3 days a week and 1 time on the 4th day; my assessories in the morning and my big lifts at night. My question is about fuel. I've tried that in the past, but I've been drained by the time the evening training session comes around. I am afraid to pack in the calories in between training sessions since I have to maintain weight due to Military standards.

What type of nutritional plan thoughout the day would be beneficial to fuel that evening workout? I'm still experimenting to what works best for me, but any advice and guidance would be appreciated.



Hey CT wasnt sure where to put this. I just wanted to say that you are an absolutely great coach. and an awesome guy to spend so much time answering all of our questions. Obviously you are extremely well liked on the site as you now have your own section on the forum. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.


This new forum is great.

I have a question about pulsing. At 7:00 I have CH then at 7:20 breakfast. I usually workout around 11 am. Should I add another pulse in between breakfast and the start of my para-workout nutrition or another meal?

Thanks for your help.