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Questions About Program

I was toying around with program ideas for the summer and came up with this:

Day 1

Squat 10x3
Calf raises 5x5
Back Extensions 5x5
Pull-Throughs 5x5

Day 2

Bench 10x3
Face pulls 5x5
Standing Military Press 5x5
Chin-ups 5x5

Day 3

30 Min. light cardio

Day 4

First 20 Min. Zone:
A1: DB Romanian DL
A2: DB Side bends

Second 20 Min. Zone
B1: DB Chest flyes
B2: Front Squats

Day 5

First 20 Min. Zone:
A1: Lat pulldowns (pronated grip)
A2: Standing Military Press

Second 20 Min Zone:
B1: E-Z bar curls
B2: E-Z bar skullcrushers

Day 6

30 Min. light cardio

Day 7


How do you guys think this would work over a one to two month span. I was trying to come up with something based on complex conjugation, and mixed 10x3 from Waterbury and EDT from Staley. Right now I don’t have much muscle mass or strength, so I was wondering if I would be better off trying this, or just sticking to another program. Also if anyone has suggestions on exercises to include/exclude, I’d really like some input. My goals are to get stronger and pack on 15-20 lbs. over the next 2-3 months. Currently 205-210 at 6’3.
Thanks, Graham.

The program is not bad but:

1)You will need to be a highly conditioned individual to avoid burnout on it. 10x3 may be a great set/rep scheme but to do it 2 days in a row will almost certainly lead to overtraining and limit your gains.

2)You do not appear to have any variation week to week – are you planning on performing the same sets/reps/exercises every week? That’s a big no-no.

3)The alarm bells always go off when I hear “I’ve mixed program A with program B and added a light sprinkling of program C”. The coaches on this site are AWESOME. Trust them and their programs. Take one and do it exactly as they have written it – theres a reason why they designed it as it is. Then have a rest week and begin a different program. My personal favourite is Chad Waterbury because I think his programs are great.

4)In terms of which program to try I believe CW recommends (depending on your goals) starting with the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program part 1, then part 2, and then (I think) Total Body Training and then The Waterbury Method. I’m personally a big fan of full body training programs so I’d prob start with TBT and then do WM. I think WM looks too demanding for someone who doesn’t have muscle mass or strength.

5)Get your nutrition is order. Eat a ton at breakfast. Eat a ton after a workout.

Hope this helps.