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Questions about Post Finasteride Syndrome

I don’t have it but pfs sounds really damn scary.

pfs is some kind of genetic change where the androgen receptors don’t work right ?

Is testosterone still being converted to dht but its just not being used ?

whats the deal with the 2 week window where guy says he feels good after stopping but then 2 weeks later symptoms come back really bad?

Different people have different reactions. Finasteride was my sole reason for being on trt and now it’s in the rear view mirror. As far as I know there is no peer review paper claiming it is a problem with AR sensitivity. I have not seen a scientific study that shows evidence of it being on an epigenetic level, though online forums claim it to be so.

Based on my anecdotal experience, a well thought out trt program being implemented for at least six months cleared up all my issues.

Did you do a bunch of funny stuff to raise DHT , androgen receptors , avoid all known 5ar inhibitors , not eat any PUFAS ect. at the same time ? or did the test by itself mostly do it?

Any other diet , exercise stuff you changed ?

Any other supplements you started using (carnitine ect.) that also might have helped?

No. I think a lot of the advice on those boards is based in hypochondria and avoiding biting the bullet and getting on trt. There’s a belief out there that try does not help people who have taken Finasteride and I’ve talked with multiple Drs who have treated patients and know other people who have had great success.

Something to think about: i will say that before taking finasteride I had been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and pure OCD. Many of the symptoms ascribed to PFS I had felt at some point in my life prior to having taken it. I have had moments where my OCD and anxiety has made me doubt my recovery and then I will experience “brain fog” etc until I realize I’m on trt and the feeling goes away lol.

All I am saying is that I’ve found dwelling on it actually hurts recovery and I sometimes wonder if there are some people with finasteride damage that are actually on a path to healing that just keep freaking themselves out and creating anxiety symptoms that further propagate their fears. If you go online and see people say “there’s no hope for you”, it does something to the mind.

If that makes any sense, just my two cents.


Yup sounds like what I see.

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I completely agree. It’s really easy to start attributing EVERY little issue you have to PFS once you start reading all the miserable people on some of the PFS boards and an ever increasing list of possible symptoms.

I’m not saying it doesn’t exist and that some people aren’t pretty miserable because of that garbage.

I used to use finasteride, stopped about 14 months ago and have had some issues on and off since then. Mainly issues with genital sensitivity and long refractory period (sorry if that’s TMI, lol)

I finally started reading about my blood test results as a normal person and not someone with PFS who “won’t respond” to TRT, so I’m about to try TRT.

My symptoms match what the blood tests show, so hopefully adding some testosterone will help. Basically low free test, normal total test, super high SHGB, low’ish estradiol. I had previously tried taking Proviron to see what would happen and it made me feel worse… BUT, given my already low’ish estradiol, in hindsight that isn’t so surprising.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure half the people on the PFS boards will tell me I didn’t really have PFS if testosterone helps.

I just read through a lot of your old posts and it sounds super similar to me. I’d love to hear more frequently how you’re doing.

Most of my issues were all sexual as well. Loss of libido and infrequent erections. All sensitivity is back. At the risk of TMI, ejaculate volume was initially minimal after finasteride but since trt things are back to normal.

You will be ok, no matter what happens.

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Is that post to me or someone else?

You. Sorry!

Thanks, for some reason I can’t ever get it to say I’m responding to a particular person/post anymore on any forums that use this forum layout (not sure what it’s called). It used to work fine but doesn’t anymore.

Anyways. Yeah, so the more I think about it the more I think TRT will help me. I have a thread I started but I may do another one from scratch that is titled better so I can post a log of my progress

I’ve been so against even considering TRT for so long (because of all the “TRT won’t help” posts on other forums) that I’m going to feel like an idiot if it works. I mean, I’ll be a happy idiot, but still feel like an idiot

I suppose we will see soon enough

People also told me that SSRIs are nothing but trouble, but those too have saved me from very dark days.

The same people that say don’t try trt also suggest all sorts of not regulated drugs and herbal supplements. So take advice for what it’s worth lol.

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SSRI’s short term helped my fiancé as well. I’m still not a fan but they aren’t 100% bad all the time

You never hear about all the positive cases because they aren’t posting of the forums unless they are having trouble with TRT. This is a forum for helping those having issues, not for those not having issues.

If someone went on TRT and felt amazing, they have no reason to seek out a forum. Low testosterone messes with guys heads, you start doubting and allow the loser talk to enter into your head, it’s all doom and gloom.

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Very true. I hope to be one of those soon. I will at least post my progress on one of the pfs boards as well as here to share the experience.

I really hope it helps. I don’t see how it CAN’T help with how low my free T is. There are so many stories of people feeling so much better once they get that up to where it needs to be. I just hope I’m one of them.

I had the exact same thoughts you did. Keep your fiance up to speed on what you’re going through and your concerns (it might be tough, it was for mine). Be kind to yourself and don’t second guess every feeling you get.

If you don’t have a great doctor already I would go with Defy medical. It’s a cliche, but they really are top notch.


Thanks and will do. I am working with defy already. I did the blood work through them and sent my physical to them earlier today, so I hope to get an appt scheduled tomorrow with a doctor

At this point I’ll just be glad to not have to worry whether I can finish or not lol… literally 3x a week is the most I can manage sex which sucks pretty bad sometimes