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Questions About PLP/My Routine

Hey guys, so i’m looking to add more work to my program because my fat loss has stalled, according to the scale/ tape measure/ mirror. Here’s what my week looks like right now:

M: Split 1 (2 of the complexes from the Extreme Kettlebell Cardio dvd)
T: Assisted one arm pushups, bridges, pistols (from Convict Conditioning, a book on bodyweight strength training)
W: EKC Split 2
Th: Pullups, Hand stand push ups, Hanging knee raise
Fri: rest
Sat: EKC split 3
Sun: Rest

I’ve been on the Slow Carb diet as outlined in Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour body since around mid january-ish and have lost about 25 lbs. I run about a 500 calorie deficit, with a cheat day once a week and maybe a fast day the next day if i feel like i’ve really overdone it. Since my bodycomp doesn’t appear to be changing, i’ve looked into adding extra work into my routine and my top two choices are the PLP routine and the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. If i decide to add both to my routine, it would looks like this:

M: Swings, PLP, EKC 1
T: Swings, PLP, CC
Th: Swings, PLP, EKC2
Fri: Swings, PLP, CC
Sat: Swings, PLP
Sun: PLP

PLP every day, kettlebell swings almost every day, kettlebell complexes and harder bodyweight stuff twice a week. My first question is, is this too much volume? I posted this on the dragondoor forum (kettlebells) and most recommended dropping the complexes for a month if i do the 10,000 swing challenge. Personally, i think i might be able to swing it, considering the swing challenge is 1 month and PLP is 2 months, so the volume would drop 1 month in.

My second question involves PLP itself; i dont actually have access to a pullup bar every day of the week. I know their not exactly the same, but would back bridges be a good substitute? (PLB? lol) If so i will just drop them from two of my hard BW days.