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Questions About New Halodrol

First of all, im very sorry if this is in the wrong section or even just not even allowed but this product popped up on my facebook and I was curious.

Gaspari is releasing its previously banned halodrol supplement and apparently its 1-andro? or would this be just a proprietary blend to make it sound this way.

Im just curious as to wether or not this is a steroid or what?

Supplements like this are for idiots.

Eat real food.

Supplement with a vitamin, omega 3, whey, creatine, a pre workout if needed and maybe some casein before bed.

If you are looking at pro hormone type products then use steroids instead with a well thought out programe.

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Ok, i get that and I agree but that doesnt really answer my question…

Its a prohormone supplement… Basically oral, legal, shitty steroids to a degree.

I think they are the worst supplement in the industry becuase they can come with all the risks and side effects associated with AAS but the companies behind them never outline the side effects, such as gyno, that they can cause… You are better off doing the real thing with all the ancillaries in place to protect you from the sides.


yeah, unless someone is gonna do some really research and keep a pro-steroid line open for a while, i think it’s kinda unsafe to use many of those.

for a while it was the golden era of pro-steroids, and the original Haladrol was awesome. somehow it was stronger than the steroid (OT) that it was based off of… (FWIW, i used Helladrol and stocked up on it, and was amazed how effective it was).

but i have a real problem with companies that use an old product name for a new product, and that’s what Gaspari’s doing here.

i have no idea what a lot of this new stuff does, and at least we have years of anecdotal evidence on real steroids, as well as quite a bit of medical research…

also, a lot of sites have “paid posters” who will do a “review” of some of these products to hype them up, and just blatantly lie to sell the product. a lot of the companies that sell SARMs are doing the same thing…

to answer your original question: i believe it’s a pro-hormone to a steroid… there was a pretty big change to the law that shut most of the good pro-steroids down a couple years ago.