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Questions about Nebido?

Whats the issue with this ester? On paper it sounds perfect - slow release, rare injections.

But I guess everybody would be using it if that was the case… I know it is relatively new but It is approved in my god forsaken country so I guess it has been used for longer in US.

What are the downsides of this and why everybody still continues to use cypionate?

By the way in my country officially are approved only nebido and omnadren. Cypionate can be found easily on the black market…

Where are you? It’s better than nothing but I think short term is better. It also should be given every 10 weeks not 12 weeks

Im in Bulgaria. Probably will start TRT after a few months first want to change some aspects of lifestyle and loose some fat.

But I start to consider and plan things. For example whether to use some of the official approved esters or go underground for cypionate.

If you need TRT just start. The procrastination and uncertainty is just low T messing with your head. If you are fat you may need an AI fot a bit but you will have a hard time sticking to a diet and exercise routine while low and even if you do manage it you will still struggle to lose the weight. After starting it will still take you months to see results so why not just pull the trigger on it instead of planning to do something to better yourself many months or years doen the road? Once you start heading in the right direction your only thought will be why you didnt do it sooner.

Well this is easier and tempting but first my T is not terrible(total T around 450 and free T around 10) it is low-normal so-called. The “doomed” values that can make most doctors hesitate whether to put you on or no. Only some very few progressive doctors will act here based on the symptoms and the desire to OPTIMIZE the patient.

I first wanna see if can optimize it a bit “naturally” with improving body composition and diet. I know it will be hard.

Also I’m taking caber now and I think by lowering my prolactin LH can improve which will boost my T for sure.

Also I want to try first this way because I do not have kids yet and T will reduce fertility even with HCG. I tried clomid by the way but felt terrible.

And lastly before I start T I need to be sure I can provide myself all necessary components like the proper ester for example, because I will do it privately and with telemedicine med guidance. In my country the doctors know less than me about T protocols. No joking here and I’ve been reading only for a few months.

Cant say much on Nebido, did try to get it but was never delivered…grrrr, but from what you find on this long lasting ester, is that before your next shot your allready on the low side of levels again. But first thing first…check your lifestyle and what you put in your body first, you are what you eat…if things dont improve then take the next step, and my next step would not be Nebido but omnadren, i bet this stuff would be more easy to handle to give you steady levels in the end…and be carefull with wanting to go in the UG scene, UG and real pharmagrade stuff is on the top of the list of most faked products…so your cyp could contain deca instead of T cyp…if you really need TRT and you can get it from your doc, then play it safe.

The problem with Nebido is that it only seems to work on paper. The shot is massive, which means an enormous syringe, which means an enormous gauge, which hurts. The huge depot is also problem, it’s just uncomfortable for many guys. Then there’s the reality that it just doesn’t get the levels up high enough for most guys and the strength is not particularly adjustable. If the dose that it delivers is your magic number, then fine. If you are the other 99 out of 100 then tough. Omnadren is Sustanon. Same thing. It used to be an almost identical imitation blend, a few years ago it became the same thing with a different name. Harder to adjust than Cypionate or Enanthate, but at least adjustable.

I see. This is also what I found out on my reasearch yesterday. Nebido works great in theory only. The blend stuff also looks shitty to me. So I will try to check again in enanthate is not available from pharmacies(it is the same like cypionate, right?)

Many long term bodybuilders Ive spoken to in my country who have a lot of experience with steroids and testosterone esters advice me to better look underground because with high quality dealer I will got much better quality than the pharmacy. In fact in my country the quality of medicines is very bad and all the good quality staff goes for export. Even the steroids available in the pharmacy nobody buys them from there.
I know a dealer that my brother had business endeavours for a few years and I know many of his clients. All of them are extremely happy with his stuff and say it is highest quality. But Im not sure how much I can trust him and also how much he is aware of every product’s quality and origin.

If I start TRT I just wanna get the best stuff available no matter how.

If you read the Nebido literature, it’s clear why it “doesn’t work.” They were trying to find a way to brand it, so they determined the shot frequency by measuring the time where T is right at the bottom of the range on average. The goal was for the fewest shots per year to barely be in normal.

It’s not terrible logic for a group of people with 200 ng/dl T as it’s still “more than they would have anyways,” but it doesn’t fit with the ideology of most online trt patients. Also, the 1,000 mg every 12 weeks is equivalent to about 73 mg of Test-E per week, so it’s a lower dose too.

The half-life is supposedly 21-30 days (depends on the oil) and a more reasonable protocol would be dosing every 2 weeks. Keep in mind the ester is heavier; so, Test E is 72% free T while undecanoate is 63%, so you’ll need about 15% more for the same levels. A cc (at 250 mg/ml) every 2 weeks should be ideal.

It’simply testosterone attached to a different molecule. The every 12 week protocol is akin to the very first Test C and E protocols which were 200 or 250 every 2-3 weeks. Standard shot times for those esters have condensed, and they should for undecanoate as well.

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Be really careful with the shot frequency. I was given 3 injections in 90 days as a loading dose and ended up over twice the upper laboratory limit. I had a psychotic episode that has nearly destroyed my life.

The problem I see with long acting esters such as Nebido/Reandron I think is that when you’re in supra-physiological levels, you’re stuck there for a long time vs short acting esters. I’ve since switched over to Testosterone Enanthate and self-administered weekly injections of 125mg or .5ml. Would never in my life touch Nebido/Readron ever again. Horrible Drug.

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