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Questions About My Cycle


i have a bunch of eq and tren e on hand... what do you guys think of me running a cycle of say 600mg eq and 400mg test per week?? is this a pretty decent combo? id prolly throw some test in to keep my sex drive up.

i was gonna run some arimidex to keep estro down if i have test in it...

also if i run caber what dose should i do? i like to use through out. thanks.


Um? did you mean 400mg tren per week?


If it was ME, I would use 100-200mg test/week and skip on the adex. (always on hand though)

This will put your estro about where you want it, I think.


If you dose the test low (say 200mg/wk) to keep the sides down and sex drive up, you probably won't need to run the adex, and the extra bit of estro will help your gains.

As always, though, keep it on hand in case it turns out that you are gyno prone.

Saps would probably be the best man to give you advice on this, as I know he has plenty of experience running high tren/low test. Hopefully he chimes in (again).


yeah i meant tren at 400, eq at about 600, and a smaller dose of test....i heard running cabaser at 1mg per week during cycle would be effective at regulating any tren gyno if that comes in to play.


There's a lot of confusion out right now about tren and tren gyno and the use of cabergoline to combat prolactin induced gyno. Im on tren and I take caber. 3mg a week might I add. However, my purposeful intent is not prolactin protection. Rather on tren and deca was worse I get anorgasmia.

Maybe its because I have too little estrogen. But the caber does assist me greatly with that specific condition I become prone to exclusively with nor19's. I've never lactated and in general the gyno conditions I sometimes have to manage off tren become non issues on tren. So my concern is not tren gyno


WOW, you mean you cant ejaculate, or do you mean you just dont feel it when you do??

yeah ive heard some people say just manage the estro and youre fine... and on the other side of the fence some say tren gyno does exhist... you take 3 mg a week??

in your opinion, should i risk just running tren without cabaser at 1st to see what happens? or should i just use some through out?

also one big issue i was concerned with is how hard is it on your hair? what have you experienced as far as that goes? ive heard it effects the hair mechanism in other ways then the normal dht route.



Its much more difficult too, significantly like night and day and there is a degree of dose dependency.

In terms of whether to use preventatively or not is the classic debate. I'd definitely have some and if you need it start right away.
I have no hair issues with caber. I can run 600mg of mast a week and no worries there too.

Different people get different sides. The ones you are predisposed to will be exacerbated thru use of certain chemicals


Sexually, here's what I've noticed: higher AR affinity drugs always increase my libido (not alot of deca experience, so I can't comment on that drug per se). If I have ANYthing aromatizing, I have no performance issues. I seem to have found a sweet spot with 50-75mg/day TA and 20mg/day dbol, plus HCG. At these dosages, I don't have any estrogenic sides, and generally run without an AI (but always on hand). I've never messed with caber or anything else, so I can't comment on any effects they might have, but I've been told they are nice for libido and performance weather you're on AAS or not.


Nothing gets me ramped up sexually like test. 100mg/day suspension was wild. Also, test gives me increased erection hardness, and nothing else seems to have that effect, except MAYBE Proviron.

I hope this is of some value.


i actually was referring to tren causing hair loss... but i think youve answered the question. thanks.


I have no hairloss with tren [or anything else] and by means of reputation I dont hear many complaints about tren and hair