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Questions about my bottle of Testosterone and about Arimidex


I'm not injecting anything until all the facts are straight about the usage and quantity needed.

So, I have a bottle of testosterone sustanon that I picked up with some Arimidex tabs for my first cycle.

I want the cycle to run as follows:
W 1-10 Test sust 250mg every mon + thur
w 1-10 Test sust 150mg every mon + thur

The vial of test says '20 mls containing 250mg/ml of testosterone' meaning altogether I have 5000mg of active testosterone. I'm 23 years old but I'm still really bad at simple math and I'm trying to figure out if this will in fact last me 10 weeks of 500mg per week(250mg twice a week), but my calculations says it is exactly enough for 500mg a week for 10 weeks.

As for the Arimidex plan it goes as follows:
W 1-12 adex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)
...But, if I were to run test at 300mg a week, how much adex should I use? The Arimidex label says 1mg/capsule, so how the hell am I going to measure this shit out properly in capsule form?


Never seen adex in tablets... I guess an UGL could just toss the powder in a capsule though. That would make it very difficult to dose. It its tablets then half it, then half each half...

Sustanon should be injected EOD minimum. there have been like 5 threads on this lately, look through the forum first because answering the same shit gets old.

Don't run it at just 300mg. Run 500mg..

Where is your PCT?


My mistake, it's actually in capsule form, and I guess I could just get a digi scale and portion it out.

I've got more shit to read on, but I'm getting better at understanding.

Nolva will be in use for pct.


Break open the caps and dissolve in a known quantity of vodka...then dose that accordingly via a dropper...


sounds like a good way to do.