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Questions About Milk


1) I only like Semi-Skimmed, does it really matter if I drink this instead of Whole milk?

If so, why? It's less fat, so surely it'd be better. In fact, isn't no fat milk even better?

2) Is there any reason not to turn a glass of milk into a tasty protein shake? (powder mixed with the milk, so you're getting the goodness of the milk + lots more protein)


Semi-Skimmed? Um, okay. Perhaps you're referring to 2%. Fat isn't always a bad thing - drink what you enjoy.

As for question #2, I'll just assume you were born yesterday.


It burns us!

Direct yourself here:


about the second one ive heard that milk is a slow protein and makes your shake slowly absorbable :D?

Sp, Not from a english speaking country .


Fat is the devil. Every time you consume it a kitten dies.

What may I ask is wrong with fat? It does lots of wonderful things.


Whenever I see diets focused on cutting, they say "don't drink whole milk, only drink no-fat milk."


if you're on a cut, i'd suggest avoiding liquid calories all together. you want your cals to fill you up.

edit: shakes are ok too, peri-workout and early morning. so to answer your second question, yes, throw some protein in there.


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