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Questions about meltdown training

Does anybody know if it is contraindicated to use Surge while doing meltdown training? Would it prematurely shut off the lactic acid cycle and not promote optimal GH release? Also, how long can you wait between the A series and the start of the B series. I did the first days training today, and I was so wiped out after the three series of A sets, it took me awhile before I could go on to the B sets without feeling very close to vomiting. I would imagine it is as soon as possible but is it supposed to be within 120 seconds?

I dunno. I’m doing my 4th workout today and I’ve been using Surge just as I always would with a workout, but I’m also on the T-dawg diet at the same time, so it’s almost my only carb. I’d go nuts without it. It’s all the kept me from puking yesterday after the 3rd set of squats.

And yeah, you only get 120 seconds to rest between A and B. Sucks, but there you have it. Honestly I hardly rest at all going into those sets other than towelling off the sweat and getting a swig of water. They’re restful and peaceful compared to the rest of the routine. It’s the pushups that kill me.