Questions about Melatonin

So I have some questions about melatonin as I bought some in tablet form 3mgs. Here are my questions;

Is taking 3mg of Melatonin for the first time good for a 200lb guy or should I try less?

Does Melatonin always work?

Does Melatonin last all night?

How long until Melatonin wears off?

Is taking Melatonin at 2am bad?

Is taking Melatonin while waking up in the middle of the night bad if you can’t sleep?

Is it safe to take melatonin every night?

Should you take melatonin if you go to bed at varying times from night to night?

Is it safe to continue taking melatonin everyday if you can’t fall asleep as easily if you were to take it?

How long should you take it regularly before it becomes unsafe?

Is any dosage too big?

For some people its good for others its not like any supplements. Try it and see how it goes.

I wont use it again. When i take melatonin, i always wake up 3 hours later and im not able to fall a sleep anymore. I tried every kind of melatonin, slow release and everything. Nothing work for me.

I have trouble falling a sleep when i dont use it the next day. So i cant expect to use it one time ( to have a better sleep ) and then going without. It will kill my sleep schedule.

When i used it, the next day i feel fucking lazy.

I prefer to use a small dose, best results i had with it is when i was taking 1 mg.

But thats just me

It works “good” for me. 3 mg. Let it dissolve in mouth. It doesn’t seem to work as well with food. I take it, then wait 10 minutes and eat after and go to bed. Sleep doctor says it is by weight and for me (325 lb)to not take over 3 mg.