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Questions About LH levels On TRT

Yes testing at trough, and I don’t care that I’m making it, but if 150mg + a bit of natural production is what had me feeling really well, then I would think I would just need a slightly higher dose after my production totally shut down. That may not be the case, this is just theory, I only posted to get some input from other people.

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From everything I’ve seen here, talking to others on TRT and my own experience, it seems that less T is rarely (though not never) the answer. You are still at a fairly modest dose. If it were me, I would increase to 175 and see how it goes.

Have you tried more frequent injections daily or EOD for at least 6-8 weeks?

Your androgen/estrogen balance is off with SHBG at 13.8. Your E2 was 40 when injecting 50mg every 4 days which is pretty darn high given the low dose. It must be insanely high at 100-150mg weekly.

If some guys have high E2 in relation to testosterone, there I no perceived benefit because balance is key.

Yes I’ve been doing daily injections for nearly 10 weeks now, didn’t seem to make a difference, don’t feel any better or worse