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Questions About LH levels On TRT

When I started TRT, I was taking 100mg per week, in 1 injection a week (before I learned more about injection frequency importance) I was on this protocol for nearly a year. When I had my labs done, my TT was 650 my FT was 22. Those seem like decent levels, but I didn’t feel very good still. My LH was at 1.8. Which is the bottom of the range, however, when on TRT should your levels literally be at 0, or near it? I was curious if maybe that 100mg a week wasn’t enough to shut it down completely? The reason I ask is because I went from 100mg a week to 150mg a week, and I do feel very slightly better, but not by much for what seems like such a big jump in my dosage. I’ve been on this protocol for 11 weeks, which should be enough time for it to baIance out. I know there are many potential reasons why I may not feel as good, I could simply need a higher dose. Could the 150mg have gotten my body to the point where my natural production did totally shut down, making the 150mg dose not as effective as it would have seemed it should be? I’m not on HCG and wasn’t taking HCG on the 100mg a week protocol either. Just a thought, I’m trying to learn more about TRT so I can understand it, and how it effects me, so I can get exactly where I need to be.

No, 100 mg will shut it down completely, even 50 will do

150mg per week will most likely be enough but it is as equally important how often you inject. In most people the more often the better and twice per week is like a bear sensible minimum although some people can get away with once per week

Okay if that’s the case, then why was my LH level still in the “normal range” just on the lower end? I was on 100mg a week for a year without HCG, and my LH is at 1.8. Unless at that level your natural production is “shut down” then yes it’s shutdown, but when I think of shut down I think the level would be at 0, or close to it, rather than in the lower end of the normal range. I have been injecting daily for the entire 11 weeks.

This is very strange and unexplainable for me. Are you sure you are injecting a genuine test?

Yes, I’m working with Defy medical, and get my supplies through a pharmacy, a 10ML bottle of test cypionate 200mg/mL every few months

I cannot believe someone can inject 100mg for a year and not get shut down

Don’t concern yourself with LH while on TRT.

@kgoggs 100 to 150 is a pretty big jump. Was there a day or a couple of days somewhere during that transition where you felt really good? It’s possible you blew through your sweet spot.

Yes, I felt amazing for like 2 weeks or so at the very beginning. I was just thinking that maybe I felt so good because the 150mg plus my natural production put me where I needed to be, and then my natural production shut down and my levels dropped off a bit. I’ll have labs done in a few weeks, but this seemed like a reasonable theory.

Don’t you agree that when my natural production shut down, my levels would drop? And it could be possible that I felt almost as good at 100mg with my natural production, then I do at 150mg without it?

Bingo brother. Your right dose is somewhere between 100 and 150. Here’s what you do. First, when was your last shot? Let’s say it was yesterday. Don’t take another shot at your regularly scheduled interval. You’ll be on a glide path. Take note which day you feel best. Based on that day and the time from the last regular scheduled dose that you missed we can guesstimate how much you need to lower your dose.

1.8 lh isnt going to be producing hardly any T. Let alone 50mg worth. You’re barking up wrong tree here with LH

I was on 2.1 pre TRT and had 450-500 with that

I more than doubled my levels with 100mg of test, so 100mg raised my level from a bit under 300 to 650, so even if my natural production made the equivelant of like 25mg of test, that would still be a decent bump. Also 650 is my trough level, let’s say my peak was more like 800, then that little bit of natural production could have gone a long way. This is assuming everyone’s body is different, and maybe my LH levels even that low produced a good amount of natural test. You could be totally right, I’m new to this, but my body could respond well to that level of LH, my problem was failure of one of my testicles, not LH issues, my LH was telling my teste to make T, but it didn’t do the job of 2 like it was supposed to. That’s what the docs told me at least, the other one should have doubled it production and worked harder but it didn’t

So my test level being too high could make me feel bad? I still have lack of energy, no drive or confidence, and less than great erections and libido which seem like low T problems

Not saying you’re wrong at all, again I’m new to this but I don’t want to rule out that possibility, and in the end only labs will tell, just want to see if I should bring this up in my consultation with Defy.

The average healthy young man produces 6mg T per day with 2 nuts working. The math doesn’t add up. The evidence supports that as your T levels were going up you felt better until you didn’t anymore. The extra 50mg you added in far outweighs any contribution or lack of contribution from what little T you may have been producing.

Interesting. Are you testing at trough I assume? I can’t imagine you’d still be making much regardless, but I’m surprised it isn’t lower

Either way, I’m not sure it really matters… “worst case” you’re producing a little on your own, I can’t see that being a big deal.

Your best bet is to skip your next shot. If you feel better in a few days. You got your answer. If you don’t, continue on. But you aren’t feeling great now. Literally nothing to lose. Perfect risk reward play. Defy won’t be able to tell you anything.