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Questions about LGD and Cardarine

Hello, my name is josh im 24 y/o with about 2 years of lifting experience. I recently started dosing LGD 4033 at 10mg per day.(proven peptides) im going on 3 weeks with some pretty impressive results. the first week or so I had some intense joint pains and muscle cramping/ fatigue after each work out but that has tapered down.

My only issue now is actually going to the gym. I have become extremely lethargic since starting LGD, honestly i never expected this. im assuming its from the suppression but ive missed a few days because of it.

Now to my actual question. I plan on dosing LGD at 10 mg for 8 weeks (possible tapering off the last few days) THEN starting nolvadex

HOWEVER I would like to start cardarine immediately after LGD, during my pct and start cutting for 8 weeks. my understanding is there is little to no suppression on cardarine.

Has anyone done this?
can it be done?
Will the sarms continue to work to their full potential over the 16 weeks?

I appreciate any feedback, Also if anyone could list a trusted source for Nolva I would really appreciate it. I have enough for 2 weeks but would like additional on hand

Why do people mess with peptides?

because I dont like the sides of test. Plus i’m not aiming to make gains I can’t keep.

Not peptides exactly, but if you’ve never used steroids then some of the SARMS will impress you a little.

MK677 is a pretty nifty drug even if it doesn’t have a direct anabolic action. Individual response varies so much there’s a lot of people who don’t really respond at all.

For the most part though I’d think it’s the legality thing along with not having to pin.

As for things like the GHRPs and shit like that - I have no idea. Pinning 4x a day to get the equivalent of 2iu of growth? Think i’ll pass.

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These two things do not line up with each other. Gains from testosterone can’t be kept? But gains from experimental drugs can? Where does one acquire this sense of self-assuredness without any actual evidence?

Gains from testosterone are as keepable as it gets, my man. Especially over a 12+ week cycle. With good diet and training (and assuming a competent and successful PCT) you can keep a lot of your gains from many, many AAS and/or SARMs. I don’t know who told you otherwise but you should laugh at that person and then never listen to them about anything ever again.

I wanted to invest in Viking therapeutics (they have the patent and marketing rights to LGD-4033, because I thought the drug looked promising) and if trials came out positive the stock price would shoot up. Anyway I couldn’t invest due to my age (and I wanted to invest 1-2 grand right) as the stock price was like 2$, I couldn’t get anyone to help me out either because everyone assumed it was a spur of the moment choice and I didn’t know what I was talking about due to my age… The stock price jumped to over 20$ after they published their last report on the drug, I went back and was like “see” and they were like “just luck, you never knew that would happen” and I was like “yes… I did, this drug shows promise for treated a variety of conditions like sarcopenia, cachexia related to chronic illness blablabla” I was and am still super pissed off about it.

Thank god in the veryveryveryveryvery near future I’ll be able to make these decisions myself

I put some clients in Viking. You saw what I saw. Follow that instinct.