Questions About Leg Training

Hello everybody .

This is my first post ,and i hope i can post my question here .

I have been training for 2 years now (at home ) I love to build my own stuff .

But i have some problems with leg training that showed up .

I have a serious butt wink when i do trap bar/back/front squats . At my job i stand on my feet the whole day , on some days arround 12 hours .

I want to train for a long long time so im a bit worried with this .

I love to train because of the passion i have , and to clear my head and make progress . So i think i will adjust my leg routine for the moment and work on stretching and posture .

is this a good leg routine ?

Trap bar deads
bulgarian split squat (less buttwink problems i think )
romanian deadlift or GHR
standing calf raise

I think he has a Agile 11 now.

Just found it, It’s called Limber 11