Questions About Labs After First Cycle

Hey guys. Almost to the end of my first cycle and im about to get some labs done on thursday. Any suggestions on what i should be looking for and does anyone know if the doc can test for nandrolone levels to see where that is. Please any advice would be helpful.

You generally don’t get labs until four weeks after pct has ended. There’s no real need to get them at the end of a cycle. What are they going to show that’s useful? You want to see what your body does after your pct is completed because that will tell you how you recovered.

If they can drug test for any given steroid then you doctor should be able to test for it but it might be extremely costly. More then likely he would have to refer you somewhere. It costs “around” 50-150 dollars to test high school athletes for steroids and that isn’t considered a professional level test. Those tests are just pee in a cup and put in reactive agents, I think. Even if your doctor gave the exact same kind of test that they use for high school athletes expect that price to cost 2-5 times as much.

I would assume you want to test for nandrolone because you either want to make sure your levels are low enough to stop running high levels of test to counteract the possible side effects of nandrolone or you are having side effects and want to see how much is still lingering. Either of these situations I think testing for nandrolone decanoate (or phenylpropionate) is a better judge of how much longer you will have high levels in your system. Remember our bodies do produce nandrolone but at teenie tiny itsy bitsy amounts. Either way I don’t even know if the regular tests will give you a level, I think those tests are just threshold positive.

If we produce nandrolone naturally then maybe females do to and it might be something they check of a full panel female blood test. But in that case it would not show you how much nandrolone decanoate you still have in your system just how much is currently free from the ester and floating around in you blood.

So now that I rambled about all of this, why do you want to test for nandrolone?

To be honest with you I have a good source but im not sure what is going on. I have been on the NPP for almost a month and no drastic changes I dont know if this is a progressive thing or if the stuff I am getting is severly underdosed or not dosed at all. I want to find out through bloodwork and I am getting it done next week. Is there a possibility that my body just isnt going to really respond to a certain drug?

Define drastic changes.
I tend to see in this world of AAS guys go into a cycle with very concrete expectations but they are based off of what a compound looks like on paper or someone elses word. Now every one does have a different response to any given compound but it’s usually within a window. With NPP for some damn reason it is rated as a better fat burner than Deca but the only difference is the ester it makes no sense. So my first question in regards to this is, what were your goals with NPP. We’re you trying to gain or cut?

I don’t know if a regular doctor is going to be able to check for nandrolone or more importantly nandrolone phenylpropionate. I bet it will be a referral and the price is going to be extreme.

Those home steroid test kits are just a combination of two chemicals and check for a reaction. If you can figure out what they use to conduct the tests I bet just ordering the chemical would be pretty cheap and you can just test the contents of the bottle itself.

Chances are you do have legit NPP because they just don’t fake that it’s real or just a bottle of oil. Most likely your body has gained those few pounds from the change in glycogen in the blood but it has been offset by the added fat burning of the nandrolone. Regardless of ester nandrolone is actually a very good fat burner. So you have probably had a net gain of mass but you just don’t see it on the scale because of the fat loss happening at the same time. The other thing is and I assume you are stacking this with test, what ester of test? If you have enanthate or cypionate and you started at the same time then the test is just now getting to the point where it can do what it does. Those longer esters just take a bit to build up to that anabolics threshold level.

Lastly and this goes back to what were you expecting, steroids are not miracles in a bottle. You only get extra results vs natural training. So if you were expecting it to do the heavy work then you will be disappointed. I don’t get that impression from your post but I do get an impression of you had an idea of what it would do and you are not seeing what you pictures in your head. Remember with any estered hormone you will retain water so there is water under your skin and above the muscle hiding the result you have gotten so far. Next you only get out what you put in, provided your training eating and sleeping are correct then if you don’t like what you have so far simply do more. Go add an extra set of heavy weight to every exercise you do, bet you will see more of the results you pictures in your head.

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I think the problem is, most guys getting into this world look at the elite powerlifters and bodybuilders and think: if I jump on I am going to change drastically over night.

When they don’t get these changes or realise the results are actually more subtle that what the internet tells them, they assume their gear is bunk or underdosed. The reality is, most gear is actually ok.

Even the most elite guys have had to do years of cycles/blasts to get where they are in terms of development. This shit is not gonna happen with just a few cycles, regardless of the compound you use.

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I was hinting at this when I said they take some else’s word. Like the big ass guy in the gym that says yeah I just took tren and test to get this big because that was his last cycle and he assumes the other guys understands that there were numerous prior cycles or thinks the guy is just asking how he made his last significant change. After all that guy wasn’t asking him how he got to his prior size so he must be asking about the most recent cycle only.

Then there are the guys that think everyone is trying to out do them so they intentionally leave shit out or flat out say the wrong compound. Again, after all anadrol is somehow associated with cut cycles and technically is a DHT based hormone so it must be great for leaving you lean dry and defined.