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Questions About Getting Tested: Time of Day? Stop Tribulus?

Got my lab orders. Work at hospital. Easy to walk down stairs. Get drawn in afternoon.

  1. Do I get tested now in afternoon or wait till I’m off and do fasted

  2. I take tribulous for libido. For last two weeks. Do I need to stop this for a bit. Before lab work just in case?


What’s your goal? to show a low T to give to your Dr? or an accurate assessment of where you are?

I don’t want to screw up my results and get a false high lvl or low. I’m at work for next 4 days and it convient to run down stairs to get tested today. But if getting tested fed and on tribulous will screw up results. I’ll wait a few days. I just don’t have time for a good first. These are my concerns and issues post.

Want to make sure a rusted lab test won’t screw things up

I would do it first thing in the morning. No need to fast for hormone testing. I’d eat if I were you. Test levels are affected by stress, alcohol, sleep deprivation, etc. I doubt that Trib has a long half life. Just stop it now and test the next morning you work.


Real question for both of you. Does that stuff even work. I always chalked it up as garbage. Think I used it a couple times in some stacks.

Its one of those snake oils that doesn’t disappear after the fad goes away.

Well I sure used it back in the day when supps were all I had. I doubt they do anything but I suggested that he stop it just in case.

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It used to help for libido. But not in years and for a brief time. Used to take it before vacation.

Well drew my labs just now. Fought the urge to creat a false low. Exercised lightly before work at 5 am. Are a small high fat low carb salad about an hour before labs. Little tired. Already had coffee and half a bang. He ordered. CBC cmp total test. Free test and thyroid. He is a pcp and my appt isn’t for 6 weeks so was grateful if he ordered that on a phone call. He usually mail my labs to me so should hopefully only need to wait a week or so. If something’s off I wouldn’t want him to manage a endocrine problem. And they would order more labs.