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Questions About First Cycle

I’m 22 and 210 lbs and I’m looking to increase my strength primarily, but also lean up a bit (change body composition). I’m a bit of a newbie at all of this and I had a few questions…

  1. Do the strength and size gains that come from steroids go away if you stop juicing (assuming proper PCT is done)? I’m slowly approach the 500lb deadlift hurdle and I’d like to get over it ASAP and continue (probably non juiced) to 600 and up.
  2. How many times a year would I want to go on a cycle if I was trying to minimize potential side effects? I read something that said 2 a year. Does this make sense assuming I’m using a non hardcore anabolic.
  3. What’s some good gear to go with considering that I’m a beginner to all of this? I’m looking to hopefully go with something legal so I won’t have a hard time finding it. Finding Nolvadex is proving to be hard enough.


steroid newbie thread.

steroids for dummies.

get reading.

Ok thanks, I read them. Now could someone actually answer my questions because those articles didn’t and I wasn’t able to find any “FAQ section” on the main page as was mentioned in that article.

You’re asking questions that prove you haven’t done any of your own research. You have to do the leg work yourself. Very few people on here will do it for you. Read the links provided, use google, PM some folks for links to other research sources.

Try these, and then come back and see if your questions weren’t born of laziness.

click on the search button at the top of the T-Mag page…

now, place your fingers on the keyboard and type in “steroid manifesto”…read the 3 part article.

now type in “steroids for health”…read that article.

type in “constructing a cycle”…read that 4 part article.

other searches to perform:
“strasseroids”…read brock’s articles.
“the S files” …read brian’s articles

that should provide you with enough new information and a general grasp of AAS, so you can answer your questions all by yourself.

i forgot to mention…

type in “Cy-BORG”…and read Cy’s articles.

take all these links and sources i have provided and get some AAS knowledge under your belt. then you will look at your original questions and understand why people get frustrated with newbies asking the same uneductaed questions day in and day out.

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