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Questions About First Cycle Protocol

Hey Bros whats up… Hope you are feeling good and kicking ass

for whatever reason (still undetermined) my t went way down and my estrogen was dominant i felt like shit for 3-4 years im 26 now

Finally i decided to get on a cycle and i feel AMAZING

ok so im taking .7 cc of Test E 400mg E3D and currently taking Tamoxifen to control estrogen

aparently its 280mg per shot

Through further research i decided to switch to either aromasin or adex - getting it in 2 days

  1. What dose should i start with ?

  2. Ive read @KSman posts about HCG on cycle… ( im doing a cycle not TRT)

should i run it on cycle… my testes did decrease in size quite a bit

Shrinkage can’t be fixed with an AI… also, adex is a very harsh med. Start off with a VERY LOW dose… like, my first cycle, I only took .5 mg one time during 8 weeks. It was when my nipples began to kind of itch like a sunburn. Other cycles, I’ve done the whole .25 eod method for the entire cycle and I feel like it was too much. I’m back to barely using the stuff. Some people say the ratio of test/estrogen is whay matters. Others say e2 over 30 is too high… blood tests while on cycle will help out in finding ypu own balance. Good luck man!

thanks dude appreciate the reply!

I m on the same cycle test e at 500mg/week and my personal experience is aromasin is way better than adex or letro is worst, though keep letro in hand, it can reverse(mind this) if gyno comes in scene. plz read between diff between these three AI and their effects.