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Questions About Farmers Walk

I will be utilizing a trap bar.


  1. Will straps take much away from the farmers carry? Obviously I won’t get the same grip and forearm training but that’s just a small portion of the exercise correct?

  2. Is it better to pick a weight that’s heavy and hard to move? Or lighter and easier to go farther distance wise?

  3. Is this something that should be done in moderation? IE easy to fry your whole body?

  4. Worth it to add in somewhere?

  1. Depends on what you want out of the movement.

  2. Both

  3. Depends on which one you chose for point 2.

  4. Depends on your goals in training. If getting stronger on farmers walks is important to you, then yes. If not, it doesn’t really matter. Weighted carries are great, but far from necessary.

I just wanna be big.

The eternal quest

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