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Questions about EDT

I’m in my last week of phase one of Staley’s EDT program which was in one of the past issues of Tmag.

I’m going to start phase 2 next week.

I also just got the EDT massive arms book. I now have a few questions.

What would a good EDT program variation be? I’d like to include Squats, Dead Lifts, Bench Press (free weight), T-Bar rows, etc., Is this feasible.

Can I do phase 2 while simultaneously doing the Massive Arms?

I really enjoy this workout because it forces you to push and the strength and size gains are great.

Have any others in T-land come up with their own variations?



Walleye, I’m doing EDT (as you know). If you choose your 10 to 12-rep max as your working weight and go back and forth between 2 exercises for 20 minutes, you will most emphatically be flirting with failure. Squats might not be a good choice. And since you can hurt yourself with DLs and bench presses, too, once again, not good choices.

If you had a Hammer Strength Bench/Incline/Decline Press, I’d say go for it! But no exercises where poor form or failure could potentially injure you.

I have A, B, C and D EDT workouts. Some of the exercises I chose specifically for rehab purposes. Some of the exercises I’m using are as follows:

Side Lateral Raise (Rehab; light weight)
Abductor - Seated (Machine)
Adductor - Seated (Machine)

Mixed Grip Pull-Up (Gravitron)
Tricep Dip (Gravitron)
Abs - Modified Dragon Flag
Abs - Rotational

Leg Extension
Smith Lunge
Seated Calf Raise
Standing Calf Raise

External Rotation (Machine)
Pec Fly (Machine)
Military Press (Free Weights)
T-Bar Row (Close-Grip w/ barbell & triangle handle)