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Questions about Doubling my Dosage of T

First if this is the wrong sub topic, sorry in advance.

I’ve been taking my prescribed dosage of 1ml/week 200mg for about a year. I’m 43, 6’8" 265 lbs and it’s taken my T level from 100 to about 650 the day before I inject. About six weeks ago my buddy who’s a trainer and is jacked told me (after I asked how to get bigger/leaner) that if I doubled up to two injections per week I would feel better and see more gains, but that the level was still low enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about negative side effects. I started doing that, and I look and feel better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Now I have a couple questions.

  1. can I do this indefinitely the way i supposedly could have with one injection per week? Because this is trt, it’s not as if my urologist ever cycled me on and off the stuff.

  2. with 2ml / week do I need estrogen blockers? My urologist never put me on anything else other than the testosterone.

  3. I just moved and now need to get a blood test for my new doctor. My last injection was yesterday. If I wait a week will I go back down to close to where I was back when I was injecting once a week. If not, what else can I do to lower my T for the blood test?

I finally look and feel the way I’ve always wanted to, and I don’t want to go back.

Thanks for the advice.

Doubling from 200 to 400 would not be trt, that’s a cycle.(a blast)Most cycles are 8-20 weeks give or take. At that dosage you would probably need an AI to control your e-2.
As a trt guy myself who does blast and cruise you would probably needs to revert back to you trt dose about 6 weeks before your labs to be safe so your dr won’t pull your rx.
Also, where are you going to get the extra T? Most Dr’ s are not going to prescribe that much for fear of the DEA. That leaves you to getting it from a underground lab (ugl). That’s another whole ball of wax. You will have to do your due diligence in that area to avoid issues.
Just some things to consider.

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Ok thanks. That’s the first I’ve heard of a “blast”. So this new doc just gave me the lab slip today and I’m supposed to go back to see him in two weeks. Is there anything I can do to lower my T for this test? I figure I could wait ten more days before I do my labs, so without any injection for ten days, wouldn’t my number go down? I figure that even if it’s high I could tell him I injected the day before my test because I forgot to get the labs done until the last second.

Thanks again

There’s really no way to tell what your level would be, but stopping for ten days is the best you can do, most likely. And again, are you buying extra T? Make sure they’re a reputable source. Good luck!

Ten days may or may not be enough to get you back in range but I did notice that on 200mg your test level is only in the 600 range? Most guys are much higher on that amount. In the past when I wasn’t sure if I was back in range before my labs I would pay to get my own labs 3 to 4 days before my dr labs. Not sure where you are but there are many companies online. If I’m too high I call and postpone my appointment by a week, you know work schedule and stuff. That gives you more time to clear.

Yeah, that’s why I doubled up in the first place. I figured my size probably had something to do with my level only being 600 (6’8" 265 lbs) from 200mg.
I’m just going to wait 10 days then get the labs. If they show up high I’ll just tell him I injected a couple of days before and hope for the best.

400 a week may create Estrogen related effects. You should have arimidex or aromasin on hand to take if you notice nipple tenderness or back acne, etc

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Thanks for the advice. I haven’t had any negative visible side effects at 400, and I’ll be glad to share my results in a couple of weeks when I finally get that bloodwork done.

Keep in mind side effects of high E can take a while to manifest themselves. It’s best to manage it before it becomes a problem. Another side effect of Test in general is the excess production of red blood cells, resulting in high hematocrit levels. Even guys on the standard 100mg/wk dose can have a problem with this, and you are basically taking 4X that. It takes a while to build up, however, and the standard protocol is to donate blood on a regular basis. High levels can increase the risk of blood clots and stroke, so it’s something you need to watch.

Once again, thanks :blush: I actually donated blood three weeks ago. The lady was so thrilled by how high my hemocrit levels were. :joy:

thats because 400mg is a low dosage… you will need AI after a couple weeks gyno will appear without any management, it really depends on your body really, we cant give you a concrete answer, i have a buddy that ram 800-900mg of test with no sides for gyno yet i flare up around 500-600mg and even on my TRT dosage (200mg) i had problems with estro.

400mg is not “high” … and you cant make any good gains on it even if its just for 4 weeks or whatever amount of time you want to blast

It is high for long-term TRT, but not high for a cycle…

not really, unless you are a 120 lb woman

100mg/week is the standard dose for guys on TRT. That puts most guys in the upper range of normal T levels. 400mg is 4X that. How is that not considered a “high” TRT dose?

So I got my results. I didn’t inject for a week and then tested and my test was only 411. Makes me wonder if the extra test I’m getting was even any good. I would have expected it to be 800 after injecting 200mg twice a week for two months.

The good news is all of my levels were great…liver kidneys, cholesterol, etc.

Where’d you get your test from? The half life of test is approximately 7 days. I would think your levels would have been higher too

My new doc here in town. He needed baselines since I just stared seng him.
So let’s say with 1ml/200 twice a week I’m at 800 steady, that’s not even high enough to consider this a blast…is it?

It depends on when you take your labs. Test peaks at 24-48 hours and half life is a week. If you are at 800 half way or closer to the end, that’s a good dose for you. Definitely not a blast. I take 140mg/week and my TT is 1100-1400 range each time I test mid week. Looks like you are an under responder.