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Questions About Double Surge

Question for you guys (this can apply to bulking/cutting/maintaining, whatever) - for those of you that do Shugart’s “Double Surge” plan (basically 1/2 serving of Surge before training, 1/2 during, and full serving afterwards), is there anyone here who lifts twice a day? In which case, do you actually take 4 servings in a day? Three, broken up? Any suggestions welcome.

Also, on the same plan, does anyone else finish off their training with a few min. of cardio? If so, have you found that a short bike (or whatever) session is basically useless if you’ve been sipping Surge during your workout? Thanks in advance.

A little cooldown at the end of a workout can never hurt.

Personally I do three-a-days and for my morning workout I take a full serving after and the afternoon I double dose, one full before on full after. I was thinking of doubling on both, so I’m curious to. If noone responds, just experiment a little, someone has to pioneer. :slight_smile:

I myself use the double dose protocol with a bunch of BCAAs mixed in and have found it to be one of the most effective methods to improve my body composition.

I don’t personally train twice per day. However, if I did, I would most definitely use the double dose protocol for both sessions.

Come to think of it, I might even bump up the Surge intake beyond that. Given the fact that your body is undergoing two bouts of weight training you’re going to need the calories.

And as for the cardio question; I usually only do so when trying to lose fat. Usually it comes in the form of bike sprints (about 3 - 4 intervals lasting 45 seconds each). Deciding to do the cardio at the end of your sessions is contingent upon your goals, so experiment and see what works for you.