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Questions About Deload

I am currently doing planned deloads every fifth week. because i have been watching icrecreamfitness talking about the duelfactor recovery theory, which says that if you take athletes and train them above their recovery limits, and keep them there for several weeks before you back it back down(deload) then they will make better progress than if you just kept them right under the point where they cant recover from. So i am doing long( 2 hours ) and intense sessions , 5 times a week. push day + squat, pull day, legs + grip, push day, pull day + deadlift

so i have some questions about deloading, since we are just trying to maintain muscle and that is the reason we are not just taking the week off, can i atleast take half the week off? so i am only training my muscles once a week? the problem is not laziness but its the embarrassment of lifting such small weights so i’ll do it if its required but if its not i’ll rather stray from it. its probably good with a mental break too every fifth week.

does anyone here do planned deloads too, or have done it the past? what are you experiences with them?

are you suppose to only cut weight and volume, or should you cut entire exercises?