Questions About Cyclical Carb Diet Refeeds

So I just came off a cut which brought me from 15% body fat to 9%, and I’m ready to put on some size. Now, I’ve done the Anabolic Diet before, but found that the 2 days of carbing up made me feel like crap. This time around I’m going to drop the carb re-feed to one day. But while thinking over this, I REALLY don’t want to gain any fat, so I have some questions about the actual re-feed itself.

  1. Does glycogen overcompensation really occur due to the re-feed? If so, is there a way to find out how much glycogen I have the potential to store? Obviously this would be relevant to know as it would be used as a guideline as to how many carbs to intake.

  2. With the temporary gain in water weight from the storage of glycogen, does the refeed cause an increased subcutaneous water retention outside of the muscle cells? (For example, a loss of definition around the abdomen.) Or would this strictly be a case of fat gain?

  3. Is the insulin spike truly necessary? Wouldn’t it make sense to control the insulin spikes?

I had done a bulking diet before with a ratio of 40% protein and 60% carbs per meal (fat was factored in at less than 50g a day) and had success eating upwards of 300g of carbs a day (this was weighing around 175lbs)

Utilizing a dietary strategy such as this one, insulin spikes would be controlled (at least based on my personal experience)

Would this be advantageous for a refeed day?

Any information or experience is appreciated!

There’s a whole thread on this, it’s a really long one too. If you haven’t found it yet i suggest you search it. Or wait for someone who is really bored and explains all of it.