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Questions About Current TRT Protocol/Sex Drive Issues

You will eventually have sides on this dose. You may not even put it together. If you notice that your joints are achy, and that you have to pee frequently, you have issues peeing, your mood is off, you are easily angered, those could be the high does of arimidex.

Yes, he actually said that…Thanks for the replies because I am here to learn and understand why I have been unable to get dialed in. I now know that I need to go elsewhere for TRT. Just wanting to figure out the best plan in the interim. Thanks again!

All the above actually.

What was the reasoning for sticking you on Caber?

Dr. advised it would help restore sex drive…it did not. Discontinued caber a couple of weeks ago. Feel better. Reduced test to 200mg weekly with .5 Arimidex taken twice weekly.