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Questions about Carbolin 19


I'm looking into getting my hands on some of Biotest's Carbolin 19 sometime soon.I've got a few questions for anyone who uses it/is firmiliar with the supplement.

1:is it a steroid?(obvi. not by pro standards but is it considered one?)
2:are there any negative side effects related to taking Carbolin 19?
3:is it worth it and does it work?

Thanks in advance for any input as it is greatly appreciated.(please,no smart-ass comments just posting a link to the sup's page or telling me to go read up on it.I've done all that already,i'm just looking to clear a few things up and get some people's input).



you know that it is out of stock, right?

not a steroid at all...It increases natural testosterone production through activation of cAMP...causing a secretion of GnRH leading to LH release and production of testosterone from the leydig cells in the testes...

don't know the anwers to the other Qs


yea i know they don't have any right now but i'm hoping to order it when they get more in. Thanks for your input man i really just had to make sure it wasn't considered a steroid-gotta stay natural and all.


I tried it for a month and did not notice much. Others have said to increase dosage, but it's not in my supplement list anymore.


well i was interested in this supp for fat loss purposes...

I think a lot of people used it as if it were a steroid, and i don't think it is very useful in that regard...

the increases in testosterone found in studies were very small and not even relevant imo...Granted, Biotest engineered a better version of the compound....but even so, I don't think the compound has a significant anabolic effect...


I have used a different brand of forskolin before a few years ago. I visibly leaned down while adding size, but not sure how much was from the forkolin and how much was diet. I was deployed to Kuwait, my diet was pretty much nailed down, and I literally slept, lifted, and ate for the better part of six months. Have been thinking about trying some again, but haven't yet.