Questions about booming biceps routine

I had a couple qestions about the Hollywood microcycle. 1) When doing the step-ups on the bench should I alternate legs doing each leg for 10 to 12 reps or just do one side for 10 to 12 reps then do the other side or, just do one side for 10 to 12 reps and leave it at that. 2)When doing the microcycle can I also do an extra workout for my upper body or should I just do the snatch, step-up etc. If I can do some extra work what type pf workout would you recommend? Any help especially from the T-staff would be really helpful.

I’ve always done the step-ups one leg at a time (ie. done all of the reps for one leg, and then switched legs. This way, you get better fatigue in the working leg, as opposed to letting each leg rest after each rep. Just remember to switch the legs that you start with to minimize any potential cross-over of fatigue.

Read part two and combine the workouts. You ca do the leg workout once every five days along with the other workouts posted in part two. But it depends on which workouts you need as Alessi addresses two different problems in the article. If you want to follow a four-day split, it’s easy to do the leg workout from part one on Tuesday along with the back/shoulder workout from part two on Monday/Thursday and the arm workout from part two on Friday. No chest work is needed since the whole basis of the workout is to bring up any imbalances. Reread the articles if it doesn’t make sense. Or email me from my web site (, and I’ll send you the split that I put together combining the workouts listed in the articles.