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Questions about Black Book Of Training Secrets

Hi coach,

I’m a fast twitch dominant with an important strength deficit.

For volume you recommend 80 reps per muscle group for fast twitch dominant.

I also use your 4 weeks bodybuilding block for fast twitch dominant.

1/ The volume is not the same. Week 1 to 3 are above 80 reps. Is it normal ?

2/ You recommend to change at least 3 of 5 exercises after each block. Do you recommend to change the main lift too ? For the third block, do you redo the same exercises from the first block ?

3/ You recommend to use strength blocks for bodybuilding purpose : do i use the Athletic/strength block for lesser nervous system ? With the athlete exercises or bodybuilder exercises ?

4/ For bodybuilding block, do you use the rep/set schema even for isolation exercises ?

5/ I can only train 3 times a week. I use your training split for that matter. Day 1 : chest, triceps, anterior deltoid… On a 3 muscles group a day, how many exercises per muscle group is needed ? Specially for a fast twitch dominant.

6/ My wife would like to be in a better shape. Do you recommend a bodybuilding or a strength approach ?

Thx in advance for your answers.