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Questions About Biotest Supps



im: 21,m,187cm,89kg

i have a few questions that id like to ask.

i have had a look at the Biotest products and im interested in purchasing some products.

what i'm looking for is to lose body fat and just have lean muscle. im not interested in bulking up!

Q1) i have seen on their site that the Carbolin 19 & Se7en are both excellent products to promote lean muscle, but i dont exactly know a)are they 2 different products b) should someone take both c) which is better ??? also can the Se7en be used by men ?

Q2) a)would HOT-ROX be the best option for me 2 lose the fat ??? b)is their a better product c)should it be stacked with other products 2 get the best result?

Q3) im wanting to take the Alpha Male, but what i want to know is it important to take a product REZ-V with it???
and if i so the problem i will have is Biotest doesnt sell REZ-V in australia so what would be a good alternative?

i have been doin gym for a few years now but alwayz on and off, but i really want to start training hard coz im fed up of never reaching my goal which is being lean and losing da fat..

i would really appreciate it if someone would take da time on sharing their advice and knowledge.. i just want 2 get it right the first time!

thank you


Concentrate on one product like HOT-ROX Extreme combined with getting a good nutritional and workout program down.



It's important to know what your real goal is. Somtimes people chase two goals which contradict each other. If your end goal is to JUST be lean and lose fat then try HOT-ROX and fix up the diet like Dedicated said.


hey here is a link on T-Nation for:
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